Damavand trip alibabatrek tour iran

Damavand Tour

The highest mountain in Iran and the most beautiful pyramid shaped semi active volcano you’ve ever seen and its among the most affordable summits above 5000m.

ALAMKOOH mountain tour iran alibabatrek

Alamkuh Tour

The second highest mountain in Iran! Nicknamed as the Alps of Iran! Including more than 40 peaks above 4000m.

SABALAN climax iran tour visit alibabatrek

Sabalan Tour

The third highest climax in Iran, located in the north west of country. A dormant volcano with a spectacular lake on top!

visit iran JUNGLES tour alibaba trek

Jungles Tour

Are you looking for an unrepeatable trek in jungles? Alborz range which is the largest range in the middle East acts like a barrier and traps the moisture caused by the Caspian sea. As a result we have a replica of paradise in shape of hyrcanian mixed forests in north of Iran.

visit kashan iran alibabatrek

Kashan Tour

A city to admire! City of florals and historical houses! One of Iran’s alluring destinations. Famous for its rich culture,history and gardens.

visit isfahan trip alibabatrek

Isfahan Tour

Iran’s hidden jewel! The 6th largest city of Iran! Nicknamed as HALF OF THE WORLD. Including so many artworks based on Islamic architecture during years 1500 to 1700.

visit yazd iran alibabatrek

Yazd Tour

The city of wind towers! An ancient civilization in Iran’s central desert, with a history of over 5000 years.

visit shiraz persian empire alibabatrek

Shiraz Tour

The heart land of Persian empire! One of the best historical sites in the world to visit. It was also accused to have some of the largest vineyards all over the world.

visit tehran tour alibabatrek

Tehran Tour

The capital of Iran! One of the the main tourist attractions in Iran. Consists of cultural attractions including: museums,royal family palaces,towers and etc!

NOMADS tour iran alibabatrek

Nomads Tour

Taking part in Iranian ancient tribes seasonal migration, get familiar with their culture and enjoy the natural sights of the area!

iran ski tour alibaba trek

Iran Ski Tour

Iran is a four season country so despite summer, there are many SKI resorts which are considerable. Having 2 main ranges (Alborz which covers the northern parts of the country and Zagros which corresponds to western parts) there is the possibility of experiencing this exciting sport in different parts of the country.

visit iran DESERTS alibabatrek

Iran Deserts Tour

You can have a unique experience by spending your time in the wonderful nature of the central part of our country. Here after you can find some the most famous ones: Dasht-e-Kavir, Dasht-e-Loot, Maranjab and Mesr.

In February, me and my Mum decided to go to Iran (Tehran and Isfahan) however we don’t have any travel plan. Thanks to AlibabaTrek they offered us different plans and customized our trips according to our preferences…. read full review

My wife and I booked a 3 day trip with Alibabatrek early May to hike in the alborz mountain range north of Tehran. We were very happy with our choice. They took the time to listen to what we were looking for and …. read full review
At the end of october I did the Damavand Trip with Alibabatrek. Although it was the end of the season, my Guide Ali and I went to climb the top. Ali was very experienced in trekking/ climbing and was a great guide…. read full review 
First time climbing a more than 5000m high vulcano, Alibabatrek made it an amazing experience! An optimized 3 day trip (designed by Alibaba’s experienced climber) with a great group, tasty food, and a very nice guide….. read full review

Thanks for the amazing trip to the top of Iran! Thanks to Ali and the other people of alibatrek we reached the 5610m safely in 3 days, got good food and had a nice place to sleep at the mountain. It was an unique experience and….. read full review

I really enjoyed my experience with this extremely hospitable company! Everything was taken care of from A to Z. Before embarking on my Mount Damavand I was not sure which tour to book, or if I even wanted to…. read full review

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