20 Tips for Climbing Damavand Mount Part 1

Mount Damavand the highest mountain in Iran and the tallest volcano in the Middle East. This mountain is in the central part of the Alborz mountain range (Central Alborz). In the south of the Caspian Sea and the Larijan district of Amol city.

In this article, we will answer questions that may lead to climbing Damavand summit.

  • Familiarity with the route
  • Food program
  • Carrying backpack and equipment
  • The air and its problems
  • Drinking water
  • The essential stuff that you should provide
  • The physical and environmental hazards
  • physical readiness
  • Which months of the year to climb
  • What days of the week to climb
  • What time of the day we should start

These are the questions we will answer.

Alibabatrek Damavand guides have observed All that we mentioned in the list. Hikers can experience a safe and enjoyable Damavand climbing tour along with a much Damavand climbing guidance.

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Mt.Damavand (5671m)

1) Do we have access to mobile and electricity networks in Damavand?

Climbers can use telecommunication facilities and the Internet on the southern route, at shelters and even at Damavand Summit. Also, in Damavand Camp III (Bargah-e Sevom), with a height of 4200 meters, it is possible to recharge electronics. However, we recommend that climbers bring a power bank. Mountaineers and tourists can take advantage of their mobile modem equipment on their trips with Alibabatrek.

2) What types of cameras can we use during hiking up Mount Damavand?

Due to the possibility of transferring cargo to the third camp, you can easily use most of the cameras. Maybe it’s better to use small cameras on the climbing day to the peak to lower the weight. But with professional fitness and decreasing the peak level, you can use professional cameras as well.

3) Is there any possibility of bathing in Damavand camps?

Get ready to climb Damavand for 3-4 days. Although there is no problem in providing water for washing, due to cold weather and the environment, there is no place for bathing. But after returning from Mount Damavand, you can enjoy swimming in the Larijan spring.

4) Are there adequate sanitary facilities in Damavand area?

In Damavand camps, especially in the South, climbers can use adequate sanitary facilities.

5) What outfits are suitable for climbing Damavand and what equipment should we have?

In different seasons, climbing Damavand requires different clothes. But the apparel needed in the regular climb season is the following:

  • A large backpack or bag for carrying your stuff with a mule
  • A small backpack for climbing equipment
  • Cover
  • A sleeping bag with a Comfort -5 temperature
  • A whistle
  • A climbing baton
  • Cortex jacket and pants
  • Polar coat and pants
  • First and second layer shirts and trousers
  • Suitable climbing shoes for the season
  • Gait
  • Two pairs of Woolen socks
  • Anti-storm hats
  • Suitable gloves for the season
  • Sunglasses
  • Cap
  • Headlamp
  • Batteries
  • The necessary dishes (knives, glasses, spoons, flakes, forks)
  • A thermos or bottles of water
  • A camera
  • A mobile phone and a power bank a toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Tissue
  • Notepads and pens
  • Yarn and needles
  • personalized first aid
  • Sunscreen
  • authentic identification cards
  • personalized medicines.

6) What medicine should we take while we are climbing?

Having high-healing drugs can be a good help in emergencies. But their use is not recommended without consulting the expert and mountain guide. However, the elevation of the eclipse is one of the most common diseases in the mountains. Alibabatrek Damavand guides will guide you in emergency cases. They have a good experience and have passed mountain medical courses. If you are under specific treatment, take your medication with you and tell your guide and our agency about it.

7) How much preparation is required to climb Mount Damavand?

Sufficient physical fitness is the first requirement for climbing Mount Damavand. Hiking to the summit of Damavand from the southern route, it is not difficult for those who regularly go birding and have enough physical fitness. Of course, the sulfur gas near the summit may bring the end of the climb a little bit more effortlessly.

8) What months of the year should we climb?

Mount Damavand’s weather in April and May is volatile and accompanied by severe storms. These can disrupt climbing programs and increase the likelihood of accidents. The best time to climb Mount Damavand is in July and August.

9) What days of the week should we climb?

We can refer this part to the southern route. Because the southern aspect of Damavand is the easiest way to climb, The presence of countless climbers along this path brings a lot of crowdedness and a lot of noise. This will prevent resting and easy climbing. The crowdedness is visible at the weekends.  Therefore, we suggest that the climbing programs for this route take time in the first days of the week.

10) What time should we climb the day?

According to most climbers, it is better to climb in the night due to the warmth of the sunlight and the smell of sulfur. Sunshine may not cause many problems. Having a good rest at night and climb with more energy is our priority. The Damavand mountaineering tour that we have organized has a daily program till 7:00 pm. You can have time for personal activities or rest.

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