A Guide for Solo Females Traveling To Iran

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Maranjab Desert

We all know the stereotypes about women who travel alone. The first thing that comes to mind is about the safety of such travels. Of course, the destination is a vital factor. Which country is it and is that country trustable for welcoming a solo female traveler? Or in this case, is Iran safe for solo female travelers? If you are planning for a solo female traveling to Iran, you can be sure that you are not the first one. Many female travelers have traveled to Iran alone and have shared their experiences with others. The conditions in Iran gives them the opportunity of having an enjoyable trip to this country. You can learn more about these conditions and also find some tips for your future solo female travel to Iran.

Dress Codes for Female Travelers

As a woman traveling Iran the most important thing you need to be aware of is the dress code. Wearing hijab in Iran is mandatory, but it’s probably very different from what foreigners usually think of it. Many think everyone should wear black “chador” in Iran. That’s not a true belief. Women do not have to wear chador unless they are going to a mosque or any other holy Islamic places. All you need to wear is a manteau and a headscarf. You don’t have to cover up all your hair. It’s entirely ok to leave the front of your hair out of your scarf.

You don’t have to choose black as the color of your clothes. You can look at wearing hijab as an opportunity for having more colors in your clothes! Also, you can choose a loose manteau to cover your body. We recommend you to wear thin fabric if you want to travel to Iran in the summer. It’s better to wear a manteau that comprises your body above your knees. There is no need to cover your feet so feel free to wear sandals. In addition, you can wear nail polish and makeup as well.

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How Safe Is Public Transportation for Solo Females?

The public transportation in Iran is safe for women because they have separate zones of women and men. This way, women can have a safer trip in the cities using public transportations such as subway and buses. The only public vehicles inside the cities that do not have separate zones for women are taxis. Still, you can ask the driver to sit in front or arrange to sit next to a woman. Considering the condition of separate zones for women, you won’t have to worry about harassment.

When using the subway, follow the signs that show the carriages for women. Also, the women-only zones are generally at the front of BRT buses in the city.

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Tehran’s Subway

Which Iran Tour Packages Are More Suitable for You?

There is no doubt that some of the Iran tours are more appropriate for solo female travelers. We think some of the Iran tour packages of Alibabatrek are more suitable for women:

Exclusive culture of Persia:

This tour takes 11 days to show you the rich culture of Iran. This Iran tour includes visiting the cultural cities of Iran such as Isfahan, Tehran, Kashan, Shiraz, and Yazd. So, by choosing this tour, you will see amazing places and learn more about Iran.

Comprehensive culture tour in Iran:

Choose this Iran tour for visiting Kerman as well as Shiraz, Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan and, Yazd. You will find so much information about Iranian civilization by joining this comprehensive tour. So, don’t miss 14 days of seeing these fantastic cities in Iran.

Classic Damavand Trip:

It’s a 4-day adventure tour for climbing Mount Damavand. This tour is for those who want to have convenient hiking on the highest summit in the Middle East. Also, this tour includes acclimatization with expert mountaineers. Hiking on the roof of Iran will be an unforgettable adventure experience for you.

Qeshm and Hormuz:

Qeshm and Hormuz are two islands in the Persian Gulf located in the south of Iran. Qeshm is the biggest island in Iran and Hormuz is famous as the rainbow island of Iran due to its colorful soil. These unique islands keep surprising you with their extraordinary natural features. Also, the specific culture of people living on them and their hospitality is another reason for not missing this tour.

Count On Iranian Hospitality

One thing you can count on during your trip is Iranian hospitality. Iranians love guests and tourists. Also, they are very protective of them and love to help their guests in every way they can. Therefore, you can count on them in case you are dealing with any trouble. You will receive many invitations and suggestions for help from them. Their hospitality makes them an excellent choice for making friends as well. You can find Iranian friends who will help you to make better choices during your trip. After all, meeting new people is an exciting part of solo travels. We assure you, Iranian friends are even more interesting!

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Additional Tips for Solo Female Travelers

  • It’s better to have a sim card in your phone for emergencies or for contacting your friends. The sim cards are very cheap in Iran, so it worths it!
  • Don’t forget to have enough cash with you. Remember that you cannot use your debit card in Iran. Also, be aware of the pickpockets and make sure to hide your money somewhere safe.
  • Don’t accept the invitation to a man’s house if you are alone. Iranians are very hospitable but being cautious about the suggestions is essential.
  • Avoid teahouses because the chances of harassment are high in them.alibabatrek-A Guide for Solo Females Traveling To Iran-Iran blog-travel Iran-Iran tour

The Reviews of Previous Female solo travelers

Many of the women who traveled on their own have chosen Alibabatrek’s Iran tours packages. Also, they have put positive comments about their experience on TripAdvisor’s website. Reading these Iran tour reviews can be very helpful for those who want to learn more about this trip.
Sayeda Fatmi from Bangladesh said: “… sudden and very fortunate I found Alibabatrek, whose founder chairman and the entire team not only supported me to have my visa but to write my whole and sweet memories in the lap to shoulder of the mountain. From the morning till the night at the city, from day one to the 8th of my tour”.

Suzanne from the United Kingdom said: “As a single female traveler my safety and compliance with the law of the country were my highest priority given to what is portrayed in the media. I must say I had a very different experience, but I was hoping I would as I have traveled to other countries with poor media image and found them to be hugely different from what was portrayed. My guides were all exceptional.”

Elena from Russia said: “After contacting several agencies in Iran, we chose Alibabatrek because of the professional advice and responsiveness.” She adds: “From the trip organization to the final departure, the team made us feel very welcome, safe and having fun all the time.”

Sera Giz from Turkey who traveled Iran with her mother said: Thanks to Alibabatrek they offered us different plans and customized our trips according to our preferences. Within four days they were always near us and tried to show us the real life of Iran besides all historical places.”

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