• Changizchal peak among Dobarar Ridge from Lasem Village.
    Changizchal peak among Dobarar Ridge from Lasem Village.

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Iran is a four-season country, despite summertime, there are many considerable Ski resorts (on/off-piste). Having 2 main ranges (Alborz which covers the northern parts of the country and Zagros which corresponds to western parts) there is the possibility of experiencing this exciting sport in different parts of the country.

Iran is the wonderful and awesome destination for any kind of ski (ski touring, on-piste skiing, off-piste skiing). With around half of the country full of mountains and especially many smooth mountains, Iran is one of the most demanded destinations for this activity. There are lots of mountains to do off-piste skiing all over the country, also you have lots of possibilities close to Tehran in Alborz Mountain Range. You can do ski touring close to capital (Tehran) in Tochal mountain just in one single day. If you spend more time in the country you can enjoy visiting brilliant and breathtaking slopes in Zagros Mountain Range.

One of the best mountains in Alborz Range to ski is Mount Damavand (5671m), the highest peak in the MiddleEast and a popular target for winter sports activities. In good snow condition, it is possible to ski the whole mountain, a very impressive 12,000 meters (39,370 feet) of skiing. Southern Route is the best route for ski touring, it has a mild slope for ascending up to 5200 meters and after that, it gets steeper. Ski mountaineering is much more difficult on other faces. It is possible to ski Damavand in winter and spring (from February to early May). Damavand ski resort is a suitable resort for wild ski touring, off-piste ski tour and snowboarding.

Due to its vicinity to the Caspian Sea, Mount Damavand receives a good amount of snowfalls during the year, especially in winter. Also, Dobarar Range (which is located in front of Damavand’s southern Route, beside Lasem Village and just 20 minutes drive from the base of Damavand named Polour and Reyneh Village) is a 4000m Range having lots of beautiful valleys suitable for skiing which is recommended for acclimatization before Mount Damavand.

The number of choices is too much that let you plan for 1 week up to 1 month and don’t get bored of it! It’s possible to do this exciting sport from February to early May!

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