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Damavand Glaciers

Damavand’s famous glaciers Yakhchāl-e Sīvaleh Dobisel Glacier of dolls Dare-Yakhar Khurtab-Sar Northwest Glacier West Glacier Yakhar Glacier (northeast side) Yakhar glacier (Yakhar valley) might be the most famous glacier in Iran. Its approximate height is 1300 meters and it continues up to the snow roof below the summit. Yakhar is the highest glacier, and its […]

10 Most Popular Iranian Foods

Tasting the traditional food of the place you travel is one of the best aspects of traveling. Eating the amazingly delicious Iranian foods is no exception. Moreover, the diversity of stews, kebabs, and deserts might surprise you as they might all be brand new tastes for you. Furthermore, this diversity of foods include vegan meals, […]

Damavand Hot Water Springs

Damavand and the springs! The highest mountain in Iran is Damavand based in Larijan province. Larijan is 60 kilometers northeast of Tehran and 26 kilometers northeast of Damavand town. Damavand was officially known in UNESCO in 2008.  Due to the particular geological conditions, there are many hot springs around Damavand with medical features. Springs have […]

Damavand Summit Lake

Damavand summit lake is based on its top. It has an altitude of 5610 meters from the sea level, and it is inside the volcanic crater. This lake is almost frozen all year. Due to the hot weather in summer the ice melts. It is one of the freshwater lakes in Iran and due to […]

Damavand Frozen Waterfall

The Frozen waterfall is at the altitude of 5100 meters and on the southern side of Damavand. The height of this waterfall is between 7-12 meters. In summer, due to the heat, there is a thick line of water running in this waterfall. Reaching this waterfall needs to be strayed from the southern route. The […]

Traveling Iran With Children

Traveling to Iran As A Family Traveling to a new country requires many considerations. Traveling with your child needs even more. As a parent, you will have to make sure about safety, food, and sanitary are available at the destination. So, a wise choice is reading and collecting information about how you can provide them […]

Damavand Frozen Animals

While entering the Damavand summit, where you can see some signs which represents the peak, you can see the corpse of two mammals. They seem to be mummies, and the reason that they are in good condition must be the cold weather and the sulfur. The exact cause of the creation of this corpse is […]

Damavand Fake Summit

While standing on the third station looking at the Damavand, you’re looking at a 5400m fake summit.     In the hike to Damavand from the southern route, that because of the existence of welfare facilities is the most touristic track to conquer Damavand. On the hike when we reach the third shelter which is […]

Damavand Elevation

Damavand is the first national natural monument in Iran. Also, it’s the highest mountain in Iran, the highest volcano in Asia, and the highest conical mountain in the world. But what is the exact altitude of this peak? If we want to be a little punctilious, we will doubt Damavand accurate height. Because if we […]