Climb Damavand Mount (Optimized Damavand Tour)

Optimized and affordable Damavand Trekking; Damavand Tour only in 3 days.

Damavand Tour

In Alibabatrek’s Optimized Damavand tour, you can hike this gigantic beast, the highest peak in the Middle East, in only 3 days with our expert guides providing you with the most efficient and practical way of acclimatization. With our help, you can climb Damavand Mount. This giant is considered one of Iran’s most important mountains due to its height. Furthermore, its cone-shaped peak from afar has made the back page of many postcards. Read along to get more information about this special Damavand tour.

Due to its efficiency, Optimized Damavand tour is one of our most demanded Iran tour packages; Mount Damavand tour fits those who are probably short in time and would like to successfully climb Damavand Mount with the altitude of almost 5670 meters. You will start the tour in Tehran. By car, we will leave for our destination in the Alborz range.

Climbing Mount Damavand with a local mountain expert is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You might think that Iran is all deserts; that it doesn’t have tall mountains and lush forests. Think again. Climb Mount Damavand to see the other side of Iran.

Mount Damavand Tour at a Glance

1st Day:  Start of Damavand Tour 
Drive to Rineh, Transfer to Base camp (almost 3100m), Acclimatization

2nd Day: Damavand Touring
Trek to the shelter (almost 4200m), Acclimatization

3rd Day: Climb Mount Damavand:
Summit (almost 5670 meters),  Finally drive back to Tehran

Climb Damavand Itinerary


1st Day       Tehran / Damavand Basecamp (3100m)

On the start of your Damavand tour, probably around at 9:00 in the morning we will drive from Tehran towards Damavand Mount, which will take us almost 3 hours. We will arrive at Polur, a small village close to huge mount, to have lunch in a local restaurant. Furthermore, we will continue to drive to the base camp of southern route of Damavand Mount named Goosfandsara (meaning The Sheep Pasture) also locally called “the mosque” at almost 3100m with a 4WD vehicle (approx. 45 minutes); We will acclimatize for our tomorrow’s Damavand Trek up to almost 3800m (approx. 2 hours). Then we will descend to the base camp, have dinner together and spend overnight in base camp: either in tents or a room in the mosque.

  • Accommodation: Tents or Room in Damavand Base camp ( almost 3100m)
  • Meals included: Lunch | Dinner

2nd Day       Camp 3 or Bargah Sevom (almost 4200m)

In your second day of your Optimized Damavand tour, after having breakfast and handing our luggage to the local porters, we will leave the base camp at around 8:00, hike up to the Bargah Sevom or Camp 3 shelter at almost 4200m (approx. 4 hours). We will have lunch in the our shelter, rest for a while and have some water, then, similarly to yesterday’s plan, we will go for our acclimatization trek up to almost 4900m and descend to the shelter to have dinner. Finally, we will spend overnight in Camp 3 in tents or shelter.

  • Accommodation: Either Beds or tents in Camp 3
  • Meals includedBreakfast | Lunch | Dinner

3rd Day         Climb Damavand Mount Summit (5671m) / Tehran 

Finally, today is the day we have been waiting for. On your third of optimized Damavand Tour, at around 5:00 am we will leave the shelter after having an energetic breakfast, hike Damavand up to the summit (almost 5-6 hours), enjoy the great landscape from the top (depending on the weather condition, of course!). And most importantly, we will take lots of photographs as well. Afterwards, we will descend to the shelter at around 12:00 (almost 2-3 hours), have a delicious lunch with some melon or watermelon as dessert, take some rest, descend to the base camp at around 4 (almost 2 hours), have a meal in a cozy restaurant next to Polur and finally drive back to Tehran.

  • Accommodation: –
  • Meals includedBreakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Damavand Trip Equipment 

Here is a checklist of equipment that you need for Mount Damavand climb:

  • Base layers
  • Wind stoppers (polar jacket)
  • Warm trekking pants
  • Light down jacket
  • Gore-tex jacket (waterproof)
  • Warm hat
  • Trekking boots (waterproof)
  • Sleeping bag with the comfort level of +10 to +5
  • Warm gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Suncreams
  • Headlights
  • Sticks, poles
  • Mattress

Note: If you do not have one or any of these equipment necessary for your Damavand tour you can rent them from us.

Hike Damavand Services

  • Transfer from Tehran  and to Tehran by a private Air-co car
  • Damavand trekking permit fees
  • All accommodations (1-night at the base camp, 1-night at Camp 3)
  • Transfer to and from the base camp by 4WD cars
  • Full board (all meals are included)
  • An expert Damavand trekking mountain guide

Mount Damavand Trekking Map

Alibabatrek Damavand tour climb damavand mount damavand hike damavnad trek

Optimized Damavand Tour Price List

Date Price / person Request
Jun. 2019 359 was 399 €Request Booking
Jul. 2019 429Request Booking
Aug. 2019 449Request Booking
Sept. 2019 429Request Booking
Oct. 2019 399Request Booking

Damavand Mount tour FAQ

  • Who will join me in my Damavand Tour?

An English-speaking expert mountain guide will join you on your Damavand trip. Our mountain guides have been very carefully chosen; these guides know this mountain’s trek like the lines in the palms. They have been climbing up and coming back down this trek for years. And they know how to acclimatize in an optimized Damavand tour like this one.

  • In Optimized Damavand Tour, will I successfully climb the summit?

This is not an easy question to answer. Depending on the weather and your physical abilities, the answer might vary. Our local mountain experts, however, will use their best planning and execution abilities to make your Damavand trip fun as well as successful. You might be interested to know that in summers, all of our attempts to climb the Damavand are carried-out successfully. You can read about our past experiences in Damavand tours with different climbers here.

  • As an amateur, can I join in on the Damavand tours?

Yes, sure. If you’re physically in shape, even as an amateur climber, you can climb Damavand mount. Leaning on our mountain experts’ experience, we can safely say that we can bring everybody to the top of the mountain. Our Damavand tour clients range in nationality, age and experience levels. We will get you up there if you wish for it.

  • Can I join in on another Damavand group tour? Or do I have to go solo?

Oftentimes, not all the time, we have group departures leaving for Damavand. You can join us in of our Damavand tours if we have one on your requested date. It is also possible to book a private tour if you wish. If you want more information regarding group departures and private tours, contact us.

  • What season is a good time to climb Damavand Mount? How about high and low seasons?

Starting from June to the beginning of October, when the weather is warm and nearly always without precipitation, is a great time to go on a Damavand tour. And during these five months, most of the climbers attempt to summit the giant. However, from the end of October, it starts to get cold and less and less climbers try to climb Damavand mount. There is a lot of snow during low-season. It also is very cold; so you will need proper equipment as well as a good amount of experience. Contact us for more information regarding executing a tour during the cold season.

  • For my Damavand tour, do I have to bring all the equipment with me?

You can actually leave your equipment back home. Here, at our office in Tehran, we have all kind of climbing equipment that you can rent. It’s a good idea to leave your heavier/larger equipment and just simply rent from us; your comfort in Damavand tour will take up a notch. Contact us if you want to ask for a specific item.

  • How many days will my Damavand tour take?

Depending on many factors, it usually varies from 3 to 5 days. Your level of fitness for an activity such as Damavand tour also plays an important role. This 3 to 5 days range holds true during temperate weather. In less than ideal weather, and if you need more days of acclimatization, your Damavand tour will extend to more days. We have 4 days Damavand tour named “Classic Damavand Tour“.  Contact us if you want to add more days to your Damavand trip.

  • How many trekking routes are there for Mount Damavand climb?

For most of our Damavand tours, we go from the southern route, which a bit more accessible. It also has more amenities. However, we have other Damavand tours, which go from other routes; like this one that goes from the north face of the mountain. We also have no problem customizing your Damavand tour, so contact us if you want to do this tour from another route.

  • Can I have a cultural tour alongside my Damavand tour?

Since we have had many requests regarding adding a cultural trip to our Damavand tours, we offer Damavand Expedition package. Visit the page to get more information. Also, with our “customize your own trip” service, you can change your itinerary the way you see fit. However, we do offer our advice freely if you contact us and tell us about your preferences.

  • Are all meals included during my Damavand tour?

Yes, during your trip, we will provide you with all meals. We will do our best to get food from local and authentic restaurants.

 Read the detailed itinerary for this optimized Damavand Tour, so you’re fully aware of all aspects.

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    This is Damavand (5671 m), the highest peak in the Middle East. Are you ready for your Damavand Tour?
On Sale!​

3 Days

Optimized Damavand tour

399 €

359 €

Limited Time Offer! (All Bookings For June Tours)

  • Valid from June to October
  • Age Requirement: +16
  • Group Size : Min 2 - Max 10
  • Physical Rating : 4 out of 5
  • Join in: Tehran - End in: Tehran
  • Max altitude: 5671 m
  • 1 night room/tent at the basecamp
  • 1 night bed/tent at camp 3
  • 1 night at guesthouse
  • 2 Breakfasts
  • 3 Lunches
  • 3 Dinners
  • Private car from Tehran to Tehran
  • 4WD car to basecamp and back
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