Damavand Fake Summit

While standing on the third station looking at the Damavand, you’re looking at a 5400m fake summit.


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Damavand Fake Summit


In the hike to Damavand from the southern route, that because of the existence of welfare facilities is the most touristic track to conquer Damavand.

On the hike when we reach the third shelter which is the last camp before the summit, we desire to see the peak. You can’t see the Damavand, and the peak you see is a fake summit with the height of 5400m. It is known as the stony tringle. Upon getting closer to it, we’ll be able to see the real top. Keep it in mind that Damavand is a volcanic mountain.

Looking at Damavand from the fake summit, you can tell the difference in the geological shape of the area. The sulfuric chimnies will be the boldest and noticeable change realizing sulfuric gas leaving behind the yellow chemicals of sulfur on the ground. This area is commonly called the danger zone. From here you’re going to climb a rather gentle slope to the top of the mountain.

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Last but not least It is heavily recommended to keep these points in mind climbing the Damavand:

-Never attempt a climb in foggy or bad weather, climbers might be tempted to hike based on the shortness of the rout costing their lives.

-Be prepared to breathe in the Danger Zone the sulfur gases might hurt you.

-Carry a GPS

-Climb with a guide familiar with the rout.

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