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10 Most Popular Iranian Foods

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Ghormeh Sabzi Stew

Tasting the traditional food of the place you travel is one of the best aspects of traveling. Eating the amazingly delicious Iranian foods is no exception. Moreover, the diversity of stews, kebabs, and deserts might surprise you as they might all be brand new tastes for you. Furthermore, this diversity of foods include vegan meals, which might be a relief for vegetarian tourists. Here we want to introduce some of the most popular and well-known dishes in Persian cuisine and their ingredients.

Ghormeh Sabzi


  • Herbs (fenugreek, parsley, and coriander)
  • Red Kidney beans
  • Lamb

Almost all of the Iranians love this stew, which makes it the most popular food in Iran. The interesting fact about it is that its recipe hasn’t changed over time. In other words, the Ghormeh Sabzi that now Iranians cooks is similar to what they used for cooking a hundred years ago! But, its ingredients might vary in different regions of Iran. For example, its components in Shiraz might be potatoes instead of beans. Also, some omit the lamb and add mushrooms alternatively. This way, it turns into vegan food. Iranians serve this stew with rice as well as other Iranian stews.

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Zereshk Polo

Zereshk Polo


  • Rice
  • Chicken
  • Barberries

The color of barberries in this rice dish is so eye-catching that makes it the prettiest Iranian food. It’s simple food but has a unique taste due to the mixture of sugar and sour barberries. Also, sometimes Iranians add slices of pistachio, which makes it even more delicious. Moreover, depending on the chef, the taste of chicken might be different. Some make it with a special sour sauce.

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Baghali Polo

Baghali Polo


  • Rice
  • Fava Beans
  • Dill
  • Chicken/Meat

Baghali Polo is another Iranian’s favorite rice dish which has fava beans, dill, and saffron in it. Usually, Iranians serve it with chicken or meat cooked with a special sauce. Moreover, it’s particularly very tasty during the spring because of the fresh fava beans at that time of the year.

alibabatrek Most Popular Iranian Foods-Iran blog-Iran tour Fesenjan Stew

Fesenjan Stew

Fesenjan Stew


  • Chicken
  • Pomegranate Sauce
  • Walnuts

Fesenjan is an Iranian stew with a long history. The stone tablets found in Persepolis show the components of this stew in a list of pantry staples. In addition, depending on the region, Iranians make this stew sour or sweet. The amazing pomegranate sauce gives this stew a sour taste, and the pieces of walnut make it even tastier. Iranians serve this stew with rice as well as other stews.

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Kebab Koobideh

Kebab Koobideh


  • Onion
  • Ground Lamb
  • Salt and pepper

Iranians make various kind of kebab with different meats or chicken. But, Koobideh is somehow different than others. For making Koobideh Iranians mince the ground lamb and mix it with onion, salt, and pepper.  Iranians eat this toothsome unique kebab with rice and butter. Also, some add grilled tomatoes as a side dish to it, which is also very simple but unbelievably tasty.

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Gheymeh Stew

Gheymeh Stew


  • Meat
  • Tomatoes
  • Split Peas
  • Onion
  • Dried Limes (Limoo Amani)

The name “ Gheymeh” refers to how the small cubes of beef in this stew. The tomatoes make a sublime sauce and the pieces of meat float in it. Also, as an extra part, some fry slices of potatoes and add them to it. Additionally, the dried limes give a bit sour flavor to Gheymeh. As well as the other stews, Iranians eat this stew.

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Ash Reshteh

Recommended Dishes For Vegetarians

Ash-e Reshteh


  • Herbs (parsley, spinach, coriander, and dill)
  • Chickpeas
  • Beans
  • Noodles

Ash is a thick soup that some know it as a vegetable and noodle soup. Moreover, Iranians eat Ash-e Reshteh as a tradition in Chaharshanbeh Soori celebration. But, it doesn’t mean they have to eat it on special occasions. There are various types of Ash in Iran, yet Ash-e Reshteh is the most popular among them. Moreover, you can add curd, mint and fried onion when eating it, which makes it even more delicious. This tasty traditional soup can also be an excellent choice for vegetarians.

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Kashk Bademjan

Kashk-e Bademjan


  • Eggplant
  • Curd
  • Garlic
  • Mint

Kashk-e Bademjan is an exquisite appetizer that originates from northern regions of Iran. It’s simple food yet; it’s mouth-watering. Also, you can eat it as a main course with bread. In some of the regions of Iran, you might see walnuts in it as well. However, it’s a brilliant food for vegetarians.

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Baghali Ghatogh

Baghali Ghatogh


  • Fava Beans
  • Egg
  • Garlic
  • Dill

It’s another dish from the north of Iran, which is also an excellent choice for vegetarians that don’t mind eating eggs. Moreover, in northern regions, people consider Baghali Ghatogh a stew and eat it with rice. However, you can eat it with bread as well.

alibabatrek Most Popular Iranian Foods - Kuku Sabzi - Iran blog-Iran tour

Kuku Sabzi

Kuku Sabzi


  • Herbs (Parsley, Scallions, Dill, and Cilantro)
  • Egg

Kuku Sabzi is an Iranian herbs omelet. Also, some add other types of herbs to it, such as baby spinach. The egg binds all the herbs together. Moreover, some might add walnuts or barberries to it as well. Also, serving it with yogurt makes the taste even more brilliant.


Saffron Ice Cream (Iranian Ice Cream)


  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Sugar
  • Rosewater
  • Saffron
  • Vanilla
  • Pistachios

You can be sure that the taste of this ice cream is not like any other ice cream you have tasted before. The feeling of saffron, rosewater, and pistachio makes eating it addictive and unforgettable. Also, traditionally Iranians put it between two wafers, but it’s good enough for eating it without wafers as well.

alibabatrek Most Popular Iranian Foods-Faloodeh- Iran blog-Iran tour




  • Vermicelli Noodles
  • Rosewater
  • Sugar

Faloodeh, one of the most beloved Iranian dessert, gives you a pleasant feeling in the hot summers of Iran. Furthermore, this frozen dessert consists of frozen Vermicelli noodles and frozen syrup of rosewater and sugar. Also, you can also add lemon juice or cherry syrup as extras to it. Moreover, some of the Iranian ice cream shops add saffron ice cream to it as well. So, you can have a mixture of these two heavenly delicious Iranian desserts as well!



  • Yogurt
  • Salt
  • Mint

This classic refreshing yogurt-based Iranian drink is one of the most admired drinks for Iranians. Also, this drink is favorite in other regions of the Middle East as well. Iranians usually have it with traditional foods such as Kebabs. Also, you should be aware that the yogurt in it can make you a bit sleepy. So, be careful not to drink it before doing important things!

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7 Reasons For Traveling Iran With A Tour Guide

alibabatrek - 7 Reasons For Traveling Iran With A Tour Guide - Iran Is Safe -  Iran blog

Traveling Iran With A Tour Guide

One of the main choices a tourist should make is choosing between traveling independently or with a tour guide. Many of the tourists think that traveling alone costs much less than traveling with a tour guide. But, having a pleasant experience during your journey is not as easy as you think. Only a guide in your destination can offer you a more exciting experience during your trip. Also, you don’t need to join big tours to have a tour guide.  Iran private tours and Iran small group tours also have tour guides who can make your trip better. Here are the reasons why you should travel to Iran with a  tour guide:

You Do Not Know Farsi

Nobody expects a tourist to know the language of the place he/she travels. Not knowing the language is a common issue that you might face wherever you go. If you are lucky enough, the majority of the people in your destination country can speak English. But, that’s doesn’t always happen. Also, sometimes the tourists do not have enough fluency in English to talk with others.

Most of the people in Iran know just the basics in English. It means speaking with them won’t be that easy. So, the best thing you can do is having a guide by your side who can translate everything for you. Luckily, we have guides for our Iran private tours that are fluent in other languages than English as well. It will be especially useful to tourists who are not fluent in English.

A Guide Knows More Places

The websites that offer the must-sees in your destination country are beneficial. They suggest the most famous places to visit in your destination. But the most famous places aren’t all the places you can go and visit. Notably, not in Iran. In other words, there are many sites you can visit in different cities in Iran that websites do not offer. Only the expert

Your Guide Can Give You Information

One of the essential things that a tour guide has to offer is information about the places you will visit. Usually, when it comes to sightseeing, many think that they can do it all by themselves. They believe that all they have to do is take a taxi, go to the place they want and visit the place. But, an important thing that they do not consider is visiting a site without having information about it is drab. The thing that makes the sites more interesting is the story behind them. The boards behind the historical monuments can only give you a little information about them. But, having a guide by your side will make everything more interesting.

Having A Car At Your Door Every Morning

Imagine you do not have a tour guide and have to order a taxi every morning you want to start going sightseeing. Some might say seeing a different driver every day can lead to more interaction with Iranians.

On the other hand, this might not be as easy as it seems. What if the drivers do not know English enough to take you where you want to go? Also, not knowing the language your driver speaks can lead to some misunderstanding.

Another thing that could be bothersome when traveling with different drivers is not all the drivers are careful and disciplined. Agencies always try to hire the best drivers for their Iran tours. Also, having a driver at your door every morning is very pleasant because you will spend less time waiting. This way, you can get to the place/s you want quite easily.

Can Help You With Possible Troubles

Wherever you are traveling, you always might face issues. Of course, Iran is safe, and going to Iran won’t be hard. But, having a guide by your side can be very helpful if you want to do solo female travel to Iran. Also, having a guide by your side can assure you that you have someone to rely on during your trip. One of the most important things we offer in our Iran tour packages is a peaceful trip for our tourists. A guide can always help you to overcome the issues during your travel.

It’s Necessary For Getting An Iran Visa

Travelers from many countries can have a visa on arrival and do not have to book a tour before traveling. However, Iran visa for US citizens, Iran visa for UK citizens, and Iran visa for Canadian citizens are exceptions. Obtaining Iran Visa for the citizens of these countries is more complicated than the others. They have to book an Iran tour before traveling to Iran to get an authorization code. Getting an authorization code is necessary for travelers from these countries for obtaining a visa. Also, you can only have a few days on your own during your trip. It means that you should have a guide with you wherever you go during your stay in Iran.

Can ask your guide to provide the things you need

Sometimes finding what you need in another country can be difficult for a tourist. For example, you might need a specific pill, and you don’t know how you can find it. Also, it’s challenging to have access to some of the stuff in Iran. For example, alcoholic drinks are illegal in Iran. But, you can ask your tour guide to provide it for you. Of course, it won’t be as easy if you wanted to buy it yourself.

tehran-iran-Alibabatrek-Visit-Iran-Traveling Iran With Children Iran is safe-travel iran with kids

Traveling Iran With Children

Iran-Alibabatrek-Visit Iran-Traveling Iran With Children Iran is safe-travel iran with kids

Traveling Iran With Children (Photo: Zeinab Ramezani)

Traveling to Iran As A Family

Traveling to a new country requires many considerations. Traveling with your child needs even more. As a parent, you will have to make sure about safety, food, and sanitary are available at the destination. So, a wise choice is reading and collecting information about how you can provide them there. Of course, traveling Iran is no exception. The stereotypes about Iran not being safe, and the economic sanctions might worry some of the parents. Following, you can find information about the safety, food, sanitary and of course fun for children in Iran.

Is Iran Safe Enough For My Child?

Traveling to another country with your family can be an exceptional experience. It gets even more extraordinary when you can be sure about the safety of your child. Of course, Iran is an entirely safe country. But, there are always essential safety points you need to have in mind.

  • Always hold the hand of your child:

    One of the essential things, especially in crowded streets, is not letting your child out of your sight. And even more important than that is holding their hands. Because if they get lost, it will be tough for them because they don’t know the language. You can put the number of your cellphone in Iran in your child’s pocket. Also, you can explain to them what they should do in case they get lost. The officers in the streets can be beneficial. Also, if you are in big shops, you can ask the shopkeepers to give you access to the speakers. So, you can call the name of your child and tell him where you are.

  • Crossing the streets:

    One of the most challenging situations in Iran for foreigners in crossing the street. The streets might be too crowded, and drivers might not be careful enough. Therefore, you should use the crosswalks when crossing the streets.

    Tehran-Iran-Alibabatrek-Visit Iran-Traveling Iran With Children Iran is safe-travel iran with kids

Health, Sanitary, and Food

Although the brands of the diapers, powders and the baby formulas might not be familiar, you can easily find them. Usually, you can find them in the pharmacies. Also, the medications and pills are widely accessible in the pharmacies as well. We highly recommend you to bring enough supply of the medicines that your child needs. But, in case your child needs medication during your trip, you can find them in the pharmacies. Also, if an emergency happens, the hospitals are equipped and trustable in Iran.

The hygiene of the restrooms on the roads might be an issue. Most of them have washing liquids for washing your hands. But in case they don’t, make sure that you have a sanitizer with you. Also, another important thing about Iranian toilets is that they usually are squat toilets. So, make sure about teaching your children how they should use them.

Almost all of the restaurants in Iran are very hygienic and trustable. So, there will be no need for worrying about eating at those places. Also, tap water is potable in most of the cities of Iran. You can also find bottles of water in the supermarkets and the kiosks in the streets.

Best Season For Traveling Iran With Children

Iran is one of the few countries which has complete four seasons. The summers are sweltering, and winters can be freezing in Iran. Therefore, to avoid the too hot or cold weather, we recommend spring and fall for traveling with children. But, it still depends on your choice. For example, Some tourists come from countries that do not have snow. Therefore snowing can be an attraction for their children.

Iran-Alibabatrek-Visit Iran-Traveling Iran With Children Iran is safe-travel iran with kids - travel Iran

A juice shop in Tehran

Recreational Places For Kids In Iran

Spending a long time on the road can be very tiring for the children. Playing and having fun is necessary for them. Also, museums might be annoying for them but visiting especial museums for kids, won’t be. Luckily, you can find many places for entertaining your children in Iran. Following, we will mention some of these places.

  • Eram Amusement Park:

    This park is the largest theme park in Iran. It’s on the Tehran-Karaj road and has a lagoon and three amusement parks inside it. It also includes more than 70 play equipment. It is one of the most popular recreational destinations in Iran.

  • Eram Park Zoo:

    This zoo is near Eram amusement park, which means you can visit here after or before going to the amusement park. It has more than 110 species of animals in it. Recently, this park welcomed an Iranian ( Asiatic) lion, which is in danger of extinction. Therefore, visiting this lion can be a once in a lifetime experience.

  • Human Park:

    This park is a theme park helping your children to learn more about the human body and its organs. It is especially suitable for children between 8-12 years old. Also, it has experts in it explaining about the body parts. This park has two coffee shops around it. You can have access to a spectacular view of Tehran from this place. Also, it is near Darabad Museum. Therefore, it will be easy to visit both of the museums.

Iran-Tehran Human Park-Alibabatrek-Visit Iran-Traveling Iran With Children Iran is safe-travel iran with kids - travel Iran

Tehran – Human Park

  • Puppet Museum House:

    This house in the east of Kashan which dates back to the  Qajar era (more than 150 years ago). This house also has some of the oldest toys and dolls dating back to the Qajar era. Therefore, visiting this house can be both amusing for your children and teach them about the history as well.

  • Milad Tower Dolphinarium:

    Milad Tower is the highest tower in Iran and also includes a Dolphinarium. This Dolphinarium is the first non-coastal Dolphinarium in the Middle East. At the moment, there are two dolphins and one sea lion in it. You can watch them performing acrobatics and take photos with them.

Milad Tower Dolphinarium - Iran-Tehran -Alibabatrek-Visit Iran-Traveling Iran With Children Iran is safe-travel iran with kids - travel Iran

Milad Tower Dolphinarium -Tehran

  • Birds Garden:

    This garden in the north-east of Tehran has more than 50 bird species inside it. Also, it includes two parts: The first part is for birds which are in cages or can’t fly. The second part has free birds which can fly in a vast protected area. It can be a unique experience for the children to know more about the birds. Also, it can be interesting for the parents as well.

  • Lilliput Dreamland:

    It’s an amusement park in the east of Tehran in Bagheri highway is for children between 2-12 years old. This amusement park helps children to learn about different jobs such as dentistry, cooking, firefighting, etc. Also, this amusement park has shops and coffee shops for children as well.

  • Reptiles Garden:

    This garden is in the south-west of Isfahan in Habibollahi Highway. It includes more than 40 aquariums with different types of reptiles. It holds various kinds of snakes, Komodo Dragons, Amazon crocodiles, etc.

    You can visit Iran tours here:

alibabatrek What Is It Like To Travel Iran During Ramadan iran blog -Iran-Tour Iran tour Ramezan,

What Is It Like To Travel Iran During Ramadan?

alibabatrek What Is It Like To Travel Iran During Ramadan iran blog -Iran-Tour Iran tour Ramezan, Persian cuisins

Regular Tablecloth in Ramadan

Right timing is one of the most critical factors in traveling. Iran has special events at different times of the year as well as any other country. These events may affect the quality of Iran travel tours. Like other Muslim countries, Iran celebrates Ramadan; a holy month for the Muslims. In 2019 Ramadan begins on the 5th of May and ends by the 4th of June. Due to its different rules and regulations, we think it’s a good idea to gain more information about Ramadan. So, here is some information about what Muslims do in Ramadan and how it will be like in Iran. Also, you can find some tips about how it is better to act during Ramadan.

What Do Muslims Do During Ramadan?

During Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, Muslims fast. It means they will not drink, eat or smoke cigarettes from the sunrise till the sunset. Fasting is an obligation for the Muslims who have physical ability for doing it. So, pregnant women or others with physical issues should not fast during Ramadan like others. Also, fasting is not obligatory when you are traveling. Not eating or drinking during the day, helps the Muslims empathize with the poor. It also helps them be more thankful for the blessings they have. All of the above makes Ramadan different from other months of the day.

alibabatrek What Is It Like To Travel Iran During Ramadan iran blog -Iran-Tour Iran tour Ramezan, Iftar, Eftar

An old couple breaking their fast

The Muslims break their fast after sunset. The name of the meal for breaking the fast in “Iftar.” Iftar usually includes tea, cheese, and bread. It is fine to eat, drink and smoke in public during the night.

What Are The Etiquettes During Ramadan?

It is essential for visitors to adhere to the rules of the place they are visiting. However, the rules or the behaviors that others expect you to do is different during Ramadan in Iran.

alibabatrek What Is It Like To Travel Iran During Ramadan iran blog -Iran-Tour Iran tour Ramezan, Iftar, Eftar Fast

An Iftar ceremony

It is forbidden to eat, drink or smoke cigarettes during the day in public places. This rule is for respecting the ones who fast. Of course, having food, water or smoking will be fine when you are in a private place. Or, if no one else can see that you are eating. The important thing is it shouldn’t be “obvious” for the others that you are doing any of those acts.

Are The Restaurants Available During Ramadan?

Many tourists worry about having access to food during the day in Ramadan. Many of the restaurants are not open during the day in Ramadan. But, they almost always have takeaway foods or cold sandwiches. Also, the restaurants of the hotels are always open during Ramadan for their guests. And, you can always find food in the supermarkets. Therefore, there is no need to worry about finding food during Ramadan.

The Nightlife During Ramadan

The nights of Ramadan are quite different during Ramadan as well. Usually, people get more energized after breaking their fast. It means that they will spend more time awake in the night than usual. Also, the restaurants and cafes will find a chance for compensating not selling any food during the day. All the above results in a unique nightlife in the cities during Ramadan. The cafés and Restaurants will be open till after midnight. Some of them have specific plans for Ramadan nights. For example, some of the cafes plan group games for their customers. Also, the malls and shops stay open longer than usual. And, the movie theatres remain open one extra hour after midnight.

alibabatrek What Is It Like To Travel Iran During Ramadan iran blog -Iran-Tour Iran tour Ramezan, Iftar, Eftar eyd fetr

Nightlife in Ramadan

So, if you can not have enough fun during the day, you can have enough during the night.

What Are The Special Foods OF Ramadan?

The sweets and foods people serve in Ramadan can be slightly different from other times of the year. Two of the unique desserts you can find in this month, are Zoolbia and Bamieh. They are crunchy traditional Iranian pastries. Saffron and rice pudding is another amazing Iranian conventional dessert. The name of this dessert in Sholezard. Also, eating Ash (a thick and heavy Iranian soup) is very common during Ramadan. Eating Dates, Halva, and Halim is also very common during Ramadan.

As a traditional act, some people might be giving away food and drinks during the evenings. Don’t forget to try the amazingly delicious meals and desserts during Ramadan!
alibabatrek What Is It Like To Travel Iran During Ramadan iran blog -Iran-Tour Iran tour Ramezan, Iftar, Eftar Fast Khamenei

Special Traditions In Different Regions

Different regions in Iran have specific traditions and rituals for Ramadan. Also, they might serve specific meals (different than other areas of Iran) during this month. So, you can be sure of seeing various traditions when booking an Iran tour package during Ramadan. For instance, Mashhad is the holiest city in Iran. It has Imam Reza’s shrine in it, and that’s why it can get very crowded during Ramadan.

Shiraz is another city with special rituals during Ramadan. People go to the mosque during the last Friday of Ramadan to fulfill their wishes. In Yazd, the women gather in the mosques on the 27th day of Ramadan and sew little bags. They believe sewing these small bags helps with healing the patients.

alibabatrek What Is It Like To Travel Iran During Ramadan iran blog -Iran-Tour Iran tour Ramezan, Iftar, Eftar Yazd

A traditional ceremony in Yazd

In Lorestan, people share their foods for Iftar together. Different people share whatever food they have with others. This way, everyone can enjoy tasting all the meals. Traditions like this bring people together more than any other time.

The Last Day Of Ramadan

alibabatrek What Is It Like To Travel Iran During Ramadan iran blog -Iran-Tour Iran tour Ramezan, Iftar, Eftar Mashad

Mashhad, Imama Reza shrine

Ramadan ends on the 5th of June in 2019. The name of the last day of Ramadan is Eid-e Fetr. Muslims celebrate this day and do not fast on the last day of Ramadan. It is also a bank holiday which means most of the places will not be open.

Finally, traveling Iran during Ramadan might not seem appealing for some of the tourists. However, some tourists would like to join Iran tours specifically during this month to enjoy seeing the traditions. It can be more enjoyable especially when you are traveling with small group tours. Culture tours such as Optimized Persia tour and the Exclusive culture of Persia are good choices during Ramadan. Also, explore Iran’s western culture tour can be full of amazing experiences during this month.

alibabatrek Why Choose Private Small Group Tours iran blog -Iran-Tour Iran trip visit Iran

Why Choose Iran Private Small Group Tours?

alibabatrek Why Choose Private Small Group Tours iran blog -Iran-Tour Iran trip visit Iran

Isfahan-April 2019

Choosing between the fixed date departure tours and private tour might be a bit difficult for tourists. Alibabatrek offers both fix date departure tours and private tours. But which one is the best choice for you? We will consider the perks and cons of both fix date departure tours and private tours below. We hope that reading the words below can help hesitant tourists with choosing between them.

Fix Date Departure Tours

Fixed date departure tours are tours including a big group of tourists. The travel agency sets a fixed date for each trip. The tourists that choose to join the tours on the fixed date will be traveling with a group of other tourists. The group of tourists in these trekking are between 15-20 people. In such trips, the tourists will not necessarily know each other. Also, the schedule of these tours is not flexible, and you will not be able to customize your trip.

Only specific Iran tour packages have fixed date departure. Iran journey in depth, comprehensive culture tour in Iran, the exclusive culture of Persia and optimized Persia tour are among them.

alibabatrek Why Choose Private Small Group Kashan Tours iran blog -Iran-Tour Iran trip visit Iran

Kashan-August 2018

Private Tours

Private tours include both solo private tours and small group tours or private small group tours.

Solo private tours are for tourists who are traveling alone. You can pick the date which is more appropriate for you and customize your trip. You will have a private tour guide as well. This type of tour can be very flexible because you are the one who plans for the trip. But, it can have disadvantages such as not having any other person with you except for your tour guide.

The small group tours include fewer tourists than fixed date departure tours. The tourists of these type of trips usually are friends or family members who want to travel together. Typically, the number of tourists in small group tours are 4-5 people, but it could be more than this. The tour members can generally customize their tour depending on their traveling style and time.

alibabatrek Why Choose Private Small Group Tours Isfahan iran blog -Iran-Tour Iran trip visit Iran

Isfahan-June 2018

What Are The Perks of Traveling in Small Group Tours?

  • You can have more fun with a smaller group of people:

    You don’t have to travel with a considerable number of people that you don’t know. Going with your friends and family members can be more comfortable because they have more in common.

  • You will spend less time waiting for others:

    We all know that traveling with a big group of people means spending a lot of time waiting for others. You are waiting for them to get on/off the vehicle, waiting for everyone to gather and waiting in the hotel lobby. Some of the tourists might get very annoyed with all these waitings. Traveling in a small group means that you have to spend less time waiting and more time sightseeing and enjoying.

  • You can tailor your trip for your taste and style:

    The schedule of Fixed date departure tours is less flexible. Certainly, tours with fixed date departure tours cannot meet the expectations of all the tourists. But, the private small group tours respect your style and expectations. You can change the plan according to your needs and taste.

  • It has faster and more comfortable vehicles:

    When you are traveling with a big group of people, you will need bigger vehicles. These vehicles include buses and mini-buses/ vans. But, those big cars won’t be necessary for traveling with small groups. You can have an SUV for traveling with a small group of people. It means you can have access to more roads, have a safer trip and spend less time on the way. This feature can be significantly useful during rush hours in the cities.

  • You will have more time and space for taking photographs:

    One of the main issues of taking pictures when traveling with big groups is others being in your photos. You can barely find a place without other tour members to take a photo. Also, you will always be in a hurry and won’t be able to take your time for taking the photos. Traveling in small private groups means that your photos will mostly include your friends and family.

  • You can choose the departure date:

    One of the essential things for choosing a tour is timing. Especially, when you have limited time and have a few days for vacation. You have to be very lucky that a fixed date departure tour suits your plans and timing.

    alibabatrek Why Choose Private Small Group MatinAbad Desert Tours iran blog -Iran-Tour Iran trip visit Iran

    MatinAbad Desert-July 2018

What Are the Perks of Fixed Date Departure Tours?

  • You can save more money:

    Most of the fixed date departure tours have discounts. You can save more money when traveling with these tours.

  • Getting to know more people:

    Many think that making new friends and knowing more people is an essential part of traveling. Traveling with others can be a unique way of finding new friends. In this case, you can count on finding international friends. Each of these friends can introduce you to a new world. Their culture and way of living can become evident during travel. This feature can be one of the reasons people choose fixed date departure tours. It can also be a reason for those that don’t want to make new friends for not selecting this type of trip.

Considering all of the information above, your taste and your traveling style are what matter in making a decision. Of course, traveling in a small group tour can be much more comfortable. But, some might find traveling with a bigger group more attractive.

alibabatrek Why Choose Private Small Group Tours Qom Masoumeh Shrine iran blog -Iran-Tour Iran trip visit Iran

Qom,MasoumehShrine-August 2018

alibabatrek Isfahan-A Guide for Solo Females Traveling To Iran-Iran blog-travel Iran-Iran tour

A Guide for Solo Females Traveling To Iran

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Maranjab Desert

We all know the stereotypes about women who travel alone. The first thing that comes to mind is about the safety of such travels. Of course, the destination is a vital factor. Which country is it and is that country trustable for welcoming a solo female traveler? Or in this case, is Iran safe for solo female travelers? If you are planning for a solo female traveling to Iran, you can be sure that you are not the first one. Many female travelers have traveled to Iran alone and have shared their experiences with others. The conditions in Iran gives them the opportunity of having an enjoyable trip to this country. You can learn more about these conditions and also find some tips for your future solo female travel to Iran.

Dress Codes for Female Travelers

As a woman traveling Iran the most important thing you need to be aware of is the dress code. Wearing hijab in Iran is mandatory, but it’s probably very different from what foreigners usually think of it. Many think everyone should wear black “chador” in Iran. That’s not a true belief. Women do not have to wear chador unless they are going to a mosque or any other holy Islamic places. All you need to wear is a manteau and a headscarf. You don’t have to cover up all your hair. It’s entirely ok to leave the front of your hair out of your scarf.

You don’t have to choose black as the color of your clothes. You can look at wearing hijab as an opportunity for having more colors in your clothes! Also, you can choose a loose manteau to cover your body. We recommend you to wear thin fabric if you want to travel to Iran in the summer. It’s better to wear a manteau that comprises your body above your knees. There is no need to cover your feet so feel free to wear sandals. In addition, you can wear nail polish and makeup as well.

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How Safe Is Public Transportation for Solo Females?

The public transportation in Iran is safe for women because they have separate zones of women and men. This way, women can have a safer trip in the cities using public transportations such as subway and buses. The only public vehicles inside the cities that do not have separate zones for women are taxis. Still, you can ask the driver to sit in front or arrange to sit next to a woman. Considering the condition of separate zones for women, you won’t have to worry about harassment.

When using the subway, follow the signs that show the carriages for women. Also, the women-only zones are generally at the front of BRT buses in the city.

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Tehran’s Subway

Which Iran Tour Packages Are More Suitable for You?

There is no doubt that some of the Iran tours are more appropriate for solo female travelers. We think some of the Iran tour packages of Alibabatrek are more suitable for women:

Exclusive culture of Persia:

This tour takes 11 days to show you the rich culture of Iran. This Iran tour includes visiting the cultural cities of Iran such as Isfahan, Tehran, Kashan, Shiraz, and Yazd. So, by choosing this tour, you will see amazing places and learn more about Iran.

Comprehensive culture tour in Iran:

Choose this Iran tour for visiting Kerman as well as Shiraz, Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan and, Yazd. You will find so much information about Iranian civilization by joining this comprehensive tour. So, don’t miss 14 days of seeing these fantastic cities in Iran.

Classic Damavand Trip:

It’s a 4-day adventure tour for climbing Mount Damavand. This tour is for those who want to have convenient hiking on the highest summit in the Middle East. Also, this tour includes acclimatization with expert mountaineers. Hiking on the roof of Iran will be an unforgettable adventure experience for you.

Qeshm and Hormuz:

Qeshm and Hormuz are two islands in the Persian Gulf located in the south of Iran. Qeshm is the biggest island in Iran and Hormuz is famous as the rainbow island of Iran due to its colorful soil. These unique islands keep surprising you with their extraordinary natural features. Also, the specific culture of people living on them and their hospitality is another reason for not missing this tour.

Count On Iranian Hospitality

One thing you can count on during your trip is Iranian hospitality. Iranians love guests and tourists. Also, they are very protective of them and love to help their guests in every way they can. Therefore, you can count on them in case you are dealing with any trouble. You will receive many invitations and suggestions for help from them. Their hospitality makes them an excellent choice for making friends as well. You can find Iranian friends who will help you to make better choices during your trip. After all, meeting new people is an exciting part of solo travels. We assure you, Iranian friends are even more interesting!

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Additional Tips for Solo Female Travelers

  • It’s better to have a sim card in your phone for emergencies or for contacting your friends. The sim cards are very cheap in Iran, so it worths it!
  • Don’t forget to have enough cash with you. Remember that you cannot use your debit card in Iran. Also, be aware of the pickpockets and make sure to hide your money somewhere safe.
  • Don’t accept the invitation to a man’s house if you are alone. Iranians are very hospitable but being cautious about the suggestions is essential.
  • Avoid teahouses because the chances of harassment are high in them.alibabatrek-A Guide for Solo Females Traveling To Iran-Iran blog-travel Iran-Iran tour

The Reviews of Previous Female solo travelers

Many of the women who traveled on their own have chosen Alibabatrek’s Iran tours packages. Also, they have put positive comments about their experience on TripAdvisor’s website. Reading these Iran tour reviews can be very helpful for those who want to learn more about this trip.
Sayeda Fatmi from Bangladesh said: “… sudden and very fortunate I found Alibabatrek, whose founder chairman and the entire team not only supported me to have my visa but to write my whole and sweet memories in the lap to shoulder of the mountain. From the morning till the night at the city, from day one to the 8th of my tour”.

Suzanne from the United Kingdom said: “As a single female traveler my safety and compliance with the law of the country were my highest priority given to what is portrayed in the media. I must say I had a very different experience, but I was hoping I would as I have traveled to other countries with poor media image and found them to be hugely different from what was portrayed. My guides were all exceptional.”

Elena from Russia said: “After contacting several agencies in Iran, we chose Alibabatrek because of the professional advice and responsiveness.” She adds: “From the trip organization to the final departure, the team made us feel very welcome, safe and having fun all the time.”

Sera Giz from Turkey who traveled Iran with her mother said: Thanks to Alibabatrek they offered us different plans and customized our trips according to our preferences. Within four days they were always near us and tried to show us the real life of Iran besides all historical places.”

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Iran’s Nomad

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The Pros and Cons of Traveling Iran in Summer

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Isfahan, Imam Square


Many people would doubt traveling in summer because they fear too hot and humid weathers. They believe they cannot tolerate visiting another country in the summer. But, should we travel to another country in the summer? Well, it’s not an easy decision to make without having enough information. Going to other countries during summer has its pros and cons. Each state can be different as well. We will explain some of the pros and cons of going to Iran during the summer in this passage. We will also show you which Iran tour packages are the best to book in summer and why. This way, you can gather more information and finally make a better decision. Who knows, maybe summer is even better for booking an Iran tour!

Worry About the Crowded Places No More!

Traveling during the spring can be tempting for many of the tourists because of the fantastic weather. But, the problem is Iran can be very crowded during the spring due to Nowruz celebration and the Persian new year. Typically, traveling during the crowded times of the year is not appealing for many of the tourists. Finding rooms in the hotels is difficult, and the traffic in the streets can be annoying. On the other hand, winter is low season and is less crowded. But, only some of the places in Iran are appropriate for traveling in winter.

Summer can be the best time for tourists that want to enjoy less crowded streets and warm weather. You can easily book the rooms of the best hotels and visit most of the regions in Iran. So, you won’t have to deal with the troubles in high season. Also, in contradiction with what people usually think, Iran is not too hot. Many of the tourists from middle east travel Iran in the summer to enjoy the cooler weather.

Same Iran Tours Cheaper

Many of the tourists might be interested in Iran cultural tours but look for more affordable prices than normal. Summer will be the right time for them to book their cultural tour packages. The Iran culture tours in Alibabatrek have discounts up to 300 euros during summer. The reason for the lower prices of the cultural tours is that the hotels are cheaper in this season. You can find better hotels with lower prices in summer in comparison with the high season. For example, the 21 day Iran journey tour is 200 euros cheaper during June, July, and August. In conclusion, although the hot weather can bother some tourists but spending less money on accommodation can worth it.

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Best Places to Go During Summer

Due to its location, many think Iran has too hot summers which makes it impossible to travel Iran during summer. The truth is Iran is a vast country with diverse climates in it. You can find deserts, lush jungles and high mountains in Iran. The best time for visiting some of these places and doing specific activities is during summer. Therefore, the belief that Iran is too limited for touristic activities during summer is not true. Usually, western and northeastern regions of Iran have more pleasant weather during summer. Regions such as Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Zanjan, and Kermanshah are cooler than the central and southern areas. Therefore, we recommend “Explore Iran’s western culture” as the best choice for Iran cultural tour in summer. Visiting Qom, Shush, and Isfahan in pleasant weather can be a gracious experience for tourists interested in Iranian culture.

Also, some of the natural attractions of Iran are at their best during summer. Jungle tours in the north such as Alimestan and visiting the Caspian Sea are lovely at this time of the year. They are the most popular natural tourist destination during summer. The cool weather in magnificent jungles of the northern regions attracts many tourists to this place.


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Iran Northern Jungle

 Also, summer is very appropriate for mount climbing activities. It is the best time for conquering peaks such as Damavand mount, Alamkuh, and Sabalan. You can enjoy visiting the cultural attractions near these mountains after climbing them as well. For example, the Sabalan trekking tour is an excellent choice in summer for tourists interested in mountaineering and culture tours.

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Hot Weather in Main Cities

Although summer has many great options for touristic activities, the warm weather can be bothersome in some places. Main touristic cities of Iran such as Tehran, Kashan, and Shiraz might have very high temperatures. But keep in mind that the hot weather in these cities is not too hot. Of course, the lack of humidity in these cities makes dealing with the warm weather much easier. Also, the tourists from countries that generally have cold, cloudy weather might even find this sunny and hot weather appealing. In that case, traveling to these cities might not have any problem at all. But, you should keep in mind that the deserts in Iran can be too hot during the summer. So, if you have any interest in desert tours, we think summer is not the appropriate time for that.

Southern regions and its islands can also be too hot for visiting during the summer. So, if you are planning to attend the islands in the Persian Gulf, we recommend you to avoid it in summer. Iran has pleasant weather during the end of winter and in the spring. Therefore, March and April are a fantastic time for traveling Iran.

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Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf


Finally, Iran has so much to offer to the tourists in summer. But, it mostly depends on the taste of tourists and what they prefer the most. If you want to enjoy having a more comfortable and cheaper trip, then summer is an excellent choice for you. But, some of the specific activities such as skiing and going to the deserts are not available in summer. If you are interested in doing them, then maybe you should wait for the appropriate time.

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Is Iran safe to travel?

Is Iran safe to travel?

Before traveling to Iran, most tourists have asked this question. Is Iran a safe country to visit? In short, yes of course! Iran is so safe to travel. However, in detail, follow this article.

Unfortunately, western media has made a dark image of Iran. But it’s totally false. It’s either objective lies or misunderstanding. Consequently, tourists are always worried about Iran visit safety. Legal reports claim that Iran is so safe to travel. So as tourists experiencing trips to Iran. They say they felt safe for the excursion, transportation, and accommodation. They even narrate their safe off the beaten treks in Iran. Surprised at first, they enjoyed Iran visit safety.

Iran is so safe to travel, different from the rest of the Middle East

You may have heard news about the Middle East repetitively. Although always stressful, it is a blessed region. Most of the countries in the Middle East are Arabic. But, Iran is the county of Persia people. It is an Islamic country with a great history. As homeland of Persia people, Iran has a rich culture. People are warm and welcoming. There is no racism in Iran. So, travelers of any countries are well treated.

Recently, some of Iran neighbors are evacuee countries. They have shaky governments. Therefore, they are not suitable for tourism. But, Iran has been away from any struggle with these countries. It has made its borderlines security as strong as possible. Therefore, it is a secure, peaceful country.


Stable government guarantees Iran safety

Iran has a powerful and stable government. This is the main reason for Iran Safety. It has an Islamic ruling pattern. There are democratic elections to choose the rulers. As a result, People in Iran have a great unity. They feel devoted and faithful to the government.

There are strong national security services in Iran. They keep the country as safe as possible. There is no invasion of the borders of Iran. Neither neighbors nor terrorist group can reach Iran soil. There are different political parties in Iran. Besides different ideologies, they are united. Altogether, Iran is so safe to travel in the Middle East. Recently, there is an increasing demand for Persia travel. Fortunately, various Iran tour packages are available. One of the commonest is Damavand tour.

International agreements influenced social safety

Iran nuclear program has been the news highlight for a while. In 2015, The JCPoA agreement was signed by Iranian Politicians. This improved Iran government relationship with foreign nations. Hence, Iran gained a better image worldwide. The question ‘is Iran safe to travel’ was answered better. Also, the number of foreign travelers to Iran raised since then.


Sanctions influenced tourism safety

Obviously, the relationship between the Iran government and the US government is dark. Hence, there have been sanctions against Iran government for years. But, the dark relationship and sanctions are just among the governments. Iranians welcome tourists of US and UK with open arms. So you wonder if Iran is safe for US citizens to visit, yes it is. And if they stay away from trouble, they are safe and well respected in Iran.

Iran is so safe to travel, with the lowest crime rate

Iran is generally a safe country. However, there is a low crime rate. As a result, it’s advisable to be conscious. For example, travelers should be careful about pickpocketing. It happens at bazaars and crowded places. Also, it’s suggested not to carry valuable things in public places.


Police and social Security in Iran

Fortunately, on Iran tour you see polices on every corner. They are even armed for safety assurance. In some big, popular cities, there is the Tourist Police. They are to assure Iran visit safety. On the other hand, pay attention to the ‘no photography’ signs. Otherwise, you’ll get into trouble with the police.

Remember to have your passport and Iranian visa with you all the time on your Iran tours. The police might want to check it occasionally. Since the hotel asks for your passport, make sure to have photocopies of it. Also, you may get checked by the police and security forces for drug carrying.

Transportation on your trip to Iran

You can enjoy a safe public transportation system in Iran. Bus and subway network are available in big cities. There is also legitimate ride-sharing companies. The public transportation system does guarantee Iran tourism safety.

Surprisingly, the road trip is rather dangerous in Iran. So as an Iran tour advice, be careful with the cars! Iranians are not many good drivers. They don’t notice road rules. There is a fairly high rate of crashes in Iran. But the good point is Iran is so safe to travel that you can hitchhike easily.


Accommodation safety in Persia traveling

Iran is a safe country to travel which provides a safe atmosphere for tourists. Rather than safe public places, there is safe accommodation for travelers. From 5-star luxurious hotels to a cheap hostel, they are safe. Another thing you can enjoy in Iran is guesthouses. Many people are interested in renting their house to travelers. Iran is a safe place, so it’s not bad advice to trust them. They are not only cheap but also a true sample of Iranian lifestyle. Fortunately, there are plenty of these houses in rural areas. They are safer than the city and the most amazing for sure!

Is Iran Safe to travel for women?

Iran is not only so safe to travel for women, but the safest. As an Islamic country, society respects women particularly. There is gender segregation in public place. There is a different section for women in subway or busses even. Physical contact between men and women in public is not allowed. So, a solo woman traveler will feel safer in Iran.


Iran is so safe to travel, but some parts of the country are suggested not to

It is claimed that Iran is so safe to travel. The numerous travelers who visited Iran confirm Iran safety. Moreover, Iran has a high safety ranking in International websites and magazines. According to a recent article in Independent, Iran as safe as the UK. But the countries sharing borders with Iran are not as much. As a result, some borderlines of Iran are not suitable tourist sites. Some governments have emphasized it on their Iran travel Advice. These areas are near the border of Afghanistan and Iraq.


Iran is so safe to travel

Finally, We hope there would be a time no one even asks ‘Is Iran safe to travel’. The hospitable, warm Iranians like to have more guests. They really care about their international image. And sadly Iran is still the most misunderstood nation in the world. To see videos on this subject we recommend:



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10 tips for Iran travel and things to know before taking Iran tour

Iran is one of the most attractive tourist sites for travelers around the world. Recently, Iran travel is being suggested by many travelers. Iran has been wrongly assumed to be a country of terrorism and nuclear weapons. Actually, it is a safe, beautiful four-season country in the heart of the middle-east. Iran is the remaining region of the Great Persian Empire with an old and rich history. It is now an Islamic republic respecting people of all religions.

Iran has the most breathtaking natural landscapes. That includes the most desolate deserts with the highest temperature on earth to the humid, dense, north jungles. Magnificent historical castles and monuments are part of the glory of this magical country. All the above has made Iran travel and Iran tours an increasing trend among worldwide travelers. As a result, Iran tourism is a strongly developing Industry.

Rather than being a great excursion, Iran travel costs a very moderate amount. There are many Iran tours through which you can enjoy Persian group traveling. But, before making the trip you have to know your destination well. So here are some Iran traveling tips for travelers never been to Iran before.

1-Iran travel is safe!

Iran travel and tourism have been affected by the wrong image of western media of Iran. Actually, the crime and terrorism rates in Iran are very low and the people are helpful and friendly. Iran is among the safest countries according to international reports. Also, according to travelers experiencing Iran tours and trips.

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2-You can get a VISA and insurance easily for Iran tours!

You can get a VISA on arrival (VOA) at the airport. Citizens of the US, the UK, Canada, and a few other countries don’t have this option. However, if you’re traveling overland you should take your VISA in advance. The price for the process ranges according to your nationality. Remember you can’t get a VISA without travel insurance. Sadly most travel insurance companies don’t cover trips to Iran. So make sure your insurance covers Iran. Otherwise, get one at the airport as well.

3-Iran travel is favorably economical!

Trips to Iran are among the most low-budget trips you can have. The official currency in Iran is Rial. It has a very low value compared to other currencies. Hence, however much you spend in Iran would not cost much in your currency. You can easily exchange your money for Rials at exchange offices. Remember Toman is 10 Rials. It is confusing for many foreigners who visit Iran. Since you may commonly hear people giving the prices in Toman during Iran travel. The total daily expense of an individual differs. I depend on how generously he/she wants to travel around.

Remember to assign enough money for buying gifts and souvenirs. Traditional clothes, Persian rug, handicrafts, and local sweets are suggested souvenirs of Persia trip.

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4-Took an Iran Tour, you’ve got to take an Iranian SIM card!

You can get an Iranian SIM card with 4G internet coverage from offices available. You’ll need that for better communication with your local friends. Also, you’ll need it for map availability during Iran travel. Famous SIM card operators are ‘Hamrah Aval’ and ‘Irancell’. Also, make sure to have a proper VPN on your cell phone. Unfortunately, some websites like Facebook are not accessible in Iran.

5-Take Iran Tour to learn the definition of hospitality!

Iranians are generally well educated, civilized, modern and hospitable people. Make most of your Iran travel by enjoying these great features. For instance, an Iranian family meets you on the bus or subway. They immediately ask you to stay with them. Just say yes. Persians are so warm that they welcome foreigners taking Iran tour from any country.

Iran is a vast country with different ethnicities including Turkish, Kurdish, Arabs and so on. Therefore, there are different cultures and customs there. Majority of the population of Iran are Muslims. They have Muslim Calendar. Weekend in Iran is Thursday and Friday when the whole family usually gets together. They also have a lot of religious holidays during the year.


6-Experience the best middle-eastern non-alcoholic foods in Iran!

Iranian foods and meals are extraordinarily delicious. Each part of the country has its local meals. The common foods served everywhere in Iran are Kebab, Ghormeh Sabzi, and Gheimeh.

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These foods are traditionally cooked on Iranian holidays and occasions. It is so rare that you don’t like Iranian original food’s taste. If so, there are international restaurants on every corner. The only thing you may miss in your Iran tour is alcohol. As an Islamic country, using alcohol in beverages and foods is illegal. All the drinks you find in Iran are non-alcoholic.

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Ghormeh Sabzi


7-Don’t miss the historical places during Persia traveling!

Iran has a civilization that goes back to about 3000 years ago. As a result, there are a great number of ancient tourist sites in Iran. It contains castles of former kings to the mosques and temples. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to book Iran tours visiting such places whilst Iran traveling. Examples of these places are Takht-e-Jamshid or Persepolis, Arg-e-Bam, Dome of Soltaniyeh, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, and many other honorable places.

8-You’ll regret if you don’t see architectural marvels of Iran!

There have always been so many great mathematicians and scientists in Persia. This has led to great architectural pieces located all over the country. The city of Isfahan is surely full of these places. Others are Azadi and Milad Towers in Tehran, Borujerdi House in Kashan and Tabriz Grand Bazaar to name a few. So take time to explore these masterpieces coupled with your Iran tour.

9-Women should wear Hijab in Iran!

In an Islamic country like Iran, women should wear Hijab. That means to cover their body and to wear a headscarf for covering their hair in public. It may, at first, seem tough for western women. However, Former female travelers taking Iran tours claimed they got used to it easily. Besides, colorful Iranian “Roosari” is the loveliest. It is the commonest scarf in Iran. It can be a good souvenir from your trip to Iran, too.
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10-Consider “time’’ for taking an Iran tour to enjoy the best weather!

As a four-season country, during Iran travel you may experience different climates. You may encounter hot summers with a high temperature of 50 centigrade. Also, you may freeze at the low temperature of -20 centigrade in winter. So plan your excursion according to the destination weather. If you are heading to the magical south shores, travel in late winter or spring. The sky of deserts is mind-blowing in fall. The high lands of Azerbaijan are perfect for summer trips. The green north is always fresh and leafy but spring is the best for sure.

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For more information and detail for a memorable trip to the sunshine of middle-east, Iran, Contact us.

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Easing Iran tourists passport, Iran Visa

Passports of tourists visiting Iran will not have to be stamped anymore,

Source: Iran tourists passport, Iran Visa, Iran Tours

Iranian authorities will introduce protectionist measures to support the nation’s tourism industry in the wake of unilateral US sanctions on Iran, Mehr News Agency reported.
Iranian media outlet cited Ali Asghar Mounesan, the Iranian vice president and head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHTO), who announced that Iran tourists passport will not have to be stamped. Proposed legislation for the move has been drafted and approved by the head of ICHTO and main the country’s Ministries.

“While the statistics provided by immigration police of Iran show that the number of foreign tourists visiting Iran has increased by 38 percent in the first four months, the number of European visitors show a slight decline which has affected the functionality of our 4- and 5-star hotels,” Ali Asghar Mounesan was quoted as saying by Mehr news agency.

Mounesan stressed that the move will allow an easing of “tourists’ concerns about visiting Iran because of US sanctions.” the cause of stop stamping Iran tourists passport.

Last year, Russia and Iran signed an agreement on visa-free travel for tourist groups from five to 50 people which means they can come to Iran just by taking their passports. Moscow and Tehran have simplified visa rules in place for their nationals – business people, scientists, educators and several other categories of travelers – that has been in force since February 2016.