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Damavand flora and fauna

Iran’s wildlife

Iran is a country of four seasons. Due to the specific geographical location of Iran, its placement between the two seas and its particular topography, you can find unique species of plants and animals in Iran.

alibabatrek Damavand flora and fauna-Isfahan Wild Life-Iran blog

Mouteh Wildlife Refuge – Isfahan, Iran – Photographer: Babak Musavi

Flora of Iran 

Iran’s vegetation diversity is so vast that it is unique in other Middle East countries. Vegetation has covered a massive part of Iran due to the establishment of dry and semi-arid areas caused by the tropical tidal belt operating area. Because of the specific characteristics of Iranian ecology, vegetation diversity in Iran is always observed. This variation depends on the natural state of the climate. The boundaries of vegetation and animal areas are not completely clear. But concerning the weather, you can see the difference between plants and animals in three temperate regions of the Caspian. Temperate mountainous, and desert and semi-desert regions.

alibabatrek Damavand flora and fauna-Iran Wild Life-Iran blog

Flora of Iran

Fauna of Iran

Due to the geographical diversity, the existence of forests, deserts, mountains, seas and…, Iran is a habitat for various animal species. In the meantime, there are rare species such as Persian Caracal, Goitered gazelle, Iranian Cheetah, Maral, which is unique to Iran.

In addition to having a mammal, Iran has a variety of aquatic animals, birds, and reptiles. Four seasonal weather conditions in Iran have made the land not only the origin of native birds. Also, it has made Iran the primary source of migratory birds from the northern regions of Asia, Russia, and Siberia. The existence of two free-flowing seas in the south and the north has led to a variety of aquatic species. In the case of reptiles, the nature of Iran is the habitat of many reptiles and amphibians.

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Fauna of Iran

Wildlife of Damavand

Mount Damavand is 5671 meters high. The highest mountain in Iran and the Middle East and the highest volcanic peak in Asia. In aspects of natural attractions, the Damavand slopes are unique. It consists of many hot and mineral springs, beautiful and lush valleys. The Plour Valley, the yellow flower Valley and the last but not least Damavand Peak are some of these attractions. Damavand honey is a typical product of Damavand wildlife. According to these features climbing Damavand on your own or taking a mount Damavand tour is a perfect idea.

But due to the non-expert development of this area, there are human risks. Mining, road construction, waste and most importantly, excessive livestock grazing are treating the wildlife of Mount Damavand.

Damavand alibabatrek Damavand flora and fauna-Iran Wild Life - persian goat-Iran blog

Persian Goat – Mt.Damavand

Flora of Damavand

At various altitudes of Mount Damavand, there are plenty of plants, some of which are only visible at a certain height. The plants of this region: Kolah-e Mir Hassan Damavandi, Kezel Damavandi, Bu Madaran-e Damavandi, Pir Giah-e Damavandi, and others.

The vegetation of the southern, northern, eastern and western slopes of Damavand is different and does not have a steady image. At the height of 3200 to 3500 meters, there are grass and long, spiny and interconnected bits.

Anemone flower has covered Mount Damavand range at altitudes of 2000 to 3500 meters. This unique anemone is well-known in the world. People know it y the name, Shaghayegh-e Lar in the world’s leading botanical books.

Damavand alibabatrek Damavand flora and fauna-Iran Wild Life - persian Shaghayegh Lar -Iran blog

Shaghayegh-e Lar, Mt.Damavand

Fauna of Damavand

Damavand mountain ranges and its heights are well suited for creating a unique fauna. Due to its exceptional location, which runs from the north to the forest and the south to the mountains bordered by the Kavir, this region hosts a variety of animals.

Damavand alibabatrek Damavand flora and fauna-Iran Wild Life - persian sheep-Iran blog

Mt.Damavand-Photographer: Sina Abbasnejad


Mammals of Mount Damavand:

  • the hedgehogs of Europe
  • the Hedgehog (in the foothills)
  • the fawn bat
  • the serotine bat
  • the long wing bat (in caves and mines)
  • the gray hamster
  • the driller
  • the usual butterfly (in highlands and mountains)
  • rabbits
  • Wolf
  • Jackal
  • Common Fox
  • Brown Bear
  • Sheng
  • Wild Cats
  • Leopard
  • Meral
  • Boar and Pumpkin

Can be mentioned in valleys, mountains, valleys, and slopes of Damavand.

Birds of Mount Damavand:

The birds are quite various, including the species of hawks, pigeons, owls, nightgowns, swallows, lobsters, bream barns, eels, wheel rims, and crows.

Reptiles are found in lower elevations, mountain peaks, and valleys, and include some unique species in Iran. From Snakes, Macrovipera le Betina, Alborzi Vipera, Damavandi Vipera, Caucasian Vipera (from the Poisonous Group) and many other species.

Damavand alibabatrek Damavand flora and fauna-Iran Wild Life - Babak Aliabadi- Damvand birds- Eagles - Falcon - persian goat-Iran blog

Birds of Mt.Damavand-Photographer: Babak Aliabadi

Mummies of Mount Damavand:

On the top of mount Damavand, you can find some frozen animal carcasses. People have seen them in this place for many years, and they include animals such as sheep and goat. The reason for finding these animals at the top of Mount Damavand and their death is not well known. Maybe due to the presence of sulfur gas, freezing temperature, starvation or some other reasons they are dead.

Damavand alibabatrek Damavand flora and fauna-Iran Wild Life - sheep mummies-Iran blog

Mt.Damavand’s Summit (5671m) – (There is a sheep mummy on the right side)

Note about climbing Damavand

If you are into hiking and you might want to try Mount Damavand. You should consider that due to Damavand difficulty level you might need a Damavand climbing guide because many great hikers have lost their lives in this mountain.

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