UNWTO says to introduce Iran as safe tourism destination

UNWTO says to introduce Iran as a safe tourism destination, secure for tourists with welcoming people (Iran Tours)


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Speaking to reporters at a press conference on the sidelines of the 40th Plenary Session of the Affiliate Members of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in the western city of Hamedan on Monday, Pololikashvili predicted a good future for Iran’s tourism industry.

The official further emphasized that the UNWTO is willing to introduce Iran and Hamedan to the world as a safe tourism destination.

He made the remark in a meeting with Iran Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization (CHTHO) Chief Ali Asghar Moonesan in Sa’dabad Complex on Sun., Nov. 11, and said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys high potentials and capacities for tourism and is home to hospitable people.”

He pointed to Iran’s tourist attractions and its beautiful historical and cultural monuments and said, “we make our utmost efforts to introduce Iran’s outstanding historical and cultural capacities to the world.”

Referring to Iran’s position in the field of tourism in the world, Pololikashvili said that beautiful nature of Iran with breathtaking views is a good reason for attracting tourists and certainly, development of ecotourism in Iran can help enhance and promote nature tourism in the world.”

For his part, Moonesan referred to the final stages of compiling Iran comprehensive tourism program and said, “with regard to its salient situation, UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) will help Iran implement and operationalize comprehensive tourism program significantly.”

Ecotourism and breathtaking nature of this land and territory are one of the most important capacities of Iran along with its scenery and lasting cultural heritage, he said, adding, “Fortunately, Iran is home to many historical-cultural monuments and must-see sites.”

Presently, there are 600 ecotourism residences which have been constructed in virgin and rural areas of the country, expandable to 2,000 units, Moonesan observed.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to the threats and sanctions imposed by the US against Iran and added, “given the Iranophobia project which is followed up by US government, UNWTO can raise awareness of tourists over security and safety of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the international arena.”

UNWTO secretary general visited Iran in order to participate in the opening ceremony of 40th Summit of members of UNWTO held in Hamedan province on Nov. 12. 2018

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Source: http://irantourismnews.com/


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