Why Choose Iran Private Small Group Tours?

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Isfahan-April 2019

Choosing between the fixed date departure tours and private tour might be a bit difficult for tourists. Alibabatrek offers both fix date departure tours and private tours. But which one is the best choice for you? We will consider the perks and cons of both fix date departure tours and private tours below. We hope that reading the words below can help hesitant tourists with choosing between them.

Fix Date Departure Tours

Fixed date departure tours are tours including a big group of tourists. The travel agency sets a fixed date for each trip. The tourists that choose to join the tours on the fixed date will be traveling with a group of other tourists. The group of tourists in these trekking are between 15-20 people. In such trips, the tourists will not necessarily know each other. Also, the schedule of these tours is not flexible, and you will not be able to customize your trip.

Only specific Iran tour packages have fixed date departure. Iran journey in depth, comprehensive culture tour in Iran, the exclusive culture of Persia and optimized Persia tour are among them.

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Private Tours

Private tours include both solo private tours and small group tours or private small group tours.

Solo private tours are for tourists who are traveling alone. You can pick the date which is more appropriate for you and customize your trip. You will have a private tour guide as well. This type of tour can be very flexible because you are the one who plans for the trip. But, it can have disadvantages such as not having any other person with you except for your tour guide.

The small group tours include fewer tourists than fixed date departure tours. The tourists of these type of trips usually are friends or family members who want to travel together. Typically, the number of tourists in small group tours are 4-5 people, but it could be more than this. The tour members can generally customize their tour depending on their traveling style and time.

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What Are The Perks of Traveling in Small Group Tours?

  • You can have more fun with a smaller group of people:

    You don’t have to travel with a considerable number of people that you don’t know. Going with your friends and family members can be more comfortable because they have more in common.

  • You will spend less time waiting for others:

    We all know that traveling with a big group of people means spending a lot of time waiting for others. You are waiting for them to get on/off the vehicle, waiting for everyone to gather and waiting in the hotel lobby. Some of the tourists might get very annoyed with all these waitings. Traveling in a small group means that you have to spend less time waiting and more time sightseeing and enjoying.

  • You can tailor your trip for your taste and style:

    The schedule of Fixed date departure tours is less flexible. Certainly, tours with fixed date departure tours cannot meet the expectations of all the tourists. But, the private small group tours respect your style and expectations. You can change the plan according to your needs and taste.

  • It has faster and more comfortable vehicles:

    When you are traveling with a big group of people, you will need bigger vehicles. These vehicles include buses and mini-buses/ vans. But, those big cars won’t be necessary for traveling with small groups. You can have an SUV for traveling with a small group of people. It means you can have access to more roads, have a safer trip and spend less time on the way. This feature can be significantly useful during rush hours in the cities.

  • You will have more time and space for taking photographs:

    One of the main issues of taking pictures when traveling with big groups is others being in your photos. You can barely find a place without other tour members to take a photo. Also, you will always be in a hurry and won’t be able to take your time for taking the photos. Traveling in small private groups means that your photos will mostly include your friends and family.

  • You can choose the departure date:

    One of the essential things for choosing a tour is timing. Especially, when you have limited time and have a few days for vacation. You have to be very lucky that a fixed date departure tour suits your plans and timing.

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    MatinAbad Desert-July 2018

What Are the Perks of Fixed Date Departure Tours?

  • You can save more money:

    Most of the fixed date departure tours have discounts. You can save more money when traveling with these tours.

  • Getting to know more people:

    Many think that making new friends and knowing more people is an essential part of traveling. Traveling with others can be a unique way of finding new friends. In this case, you can count on finding international friends. Each of these friends can introduce you to a new world. Their culture and way of living can become evident during travel. This feature can be one of the reasons people choose fixed date departure tours. It can also be a reason for those that don’t want to make new friends for not selecting this type of trip.

Considering all of the information above, your taste and your traveling style are what matter in making a decision. Of course, traveling in a small group tour can be much more comfortable. But, some might find traveling with a bigger group more attractive.

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