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Tar & Havir Lakes

30 kilometers away from Damavand city, if you drive into the heart of the Alborz mountains, there would be Taar and Havir lakes, like two sisters close to each other!
The road to Taar and Havir lakes is completely a dirt road, going through rivers and mountains, so it can be a super attractive destination for off road camping as well. This lake would be suitable for water sports such as swimming, boating, and fishing.
The surface of the lake in the winter may cover by a thin layer of ice. The vegetation of Tar and Havir lakes are just like other southern parts of Alborz Mountains, the two lakes are guarded and surrounded by higher altitudes, and two notable Dobaraar and ZarrinKouh mounts. Around the lake, there is no forest cover and tree cold westerly winds around the lake are always going on.
On the way to Taar and Havir Lakes, you will enjoy the scenes and views of Alborz Mountains.

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