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Iran Desert Tours

About a quarter of Iran land area is desert. As a result, Iran desert tour is are very popular. These deserts are located mostly at central and Eastern parts of Iran. Between Alborz mountain range in North and Zagros mountain range in South, there is Iran plateau. Iran Plateau mainly consists of vast areas of deserts. There are two large and famous deserts in Iran. They are the Lut Desert and Dasht-e-Kavir. Hence, there are a lot of exotic Iran safaris to these aims.

Iran Deserts

Iran Desert: Dasht-e Kavir

Iran main desert is called Dasht-e Kavir, salt desert or hollow desert. It is located at the center of Iran plateau. The northern border of Kavir gets to the central region of Alborz. The Western borders get to Eastern region of Zagros. From East, it reaches to Iran Eastern Mountains. Finally, from South, it reaches Khur-Tabas road.

Kavir mostly consists of vast marshes. Along with sandy hills and scattered highlands around the margins. Actually, these are perfect features to choose Iran desert traveling. In summer the temperature rises to 50°C. Also, the temperature difference of night and day will be 70 degrees. Kavir desert is such a vast area that you should take Iran desert safaris for its different sections. Kavir desert consists of some sections. They are Kavir International Park, Khar Turan International Park, Bajestan desert, Haj Aligholi desert, Mesr desert, and Maranjab. You can book Iran desert safaris to these destinations.

Iran Desert: Dasht-e-Lut

The other vast desert of Iran is Dasht-e-Lut. This dry and hot area includes some provinces of Iran. They are for example Kerman, South Khorasan, Sistan Balouchestan, and etc. The hottest region on Earth land is on this desert. This region is called Gandom Beryan. It is translated to English as ‘’toasted wheat”. Actually, it means that the seeds of wheat can naturally scorch there. Therefore, people are interested to take Iran desert tours for making an omelet on the rock, there.

One of the spectacular deserts of the great Lut is Shahdad Kalouts Desert. Obviously, it is famous for its numerous kalouts. You can reach this wonderful region through the nearest city, Kerman. Kerman itself is also a perfect destination for travelers and tourist. It is a city with fabulous historical and cultural background. Hence, you would better take an Iran desert Safari which passes by this city.

Best Season for Iran desert tours

June, July, August, and September are the warm months not suitable for Iran desert Safari. Other months of the year are alright. Although there are Iranian caravansary in safari sites, winter nights are freezing. In conclusion, best months to take Iran desert tours are more limited. They are late September to late November and late February to late June. In summary, spring and fall are the appropriate seasons for Iran desert trips.

Iran Desert Tours Activities & Notes


In Iran desert tours, firstly you’ll enjoy the spectacular views of deserts.Besides, you will have other fun in Iran desert safaris. You’ll experience camping, astronomical observation, trekking, rural exploring, off-road excursion and etc. Iran desert safaris are popular among professional Photographers. In addition, you might take Iran off-beaten paths to enjoy the adventure. Just spending the night in the unique silence of Iran deserts will take all your stress away. Imagine the breathtaking sky full of stars, closer than ever, far from city pollution. Is there any other place in the world you want to be?

Hints and Guiding

Since the hot weather and direct sunlight of Iran deserts in the day, it’s essential to use proper clothes. Wear light-colored clothes which cover your body totally. Wear long pants and shirts with long sleeves. Use a large sun hat to cover your neck and head area. Clearly, use Sunblock creams and sunglasses for sure. Finally, drinking enough water frequently is suggested for Iran desert tours as well.

Most popular deserts for Iran desert safaris

Maranjab desert

One of the best seller Iran desert safaris is Maranjab desert tour. Since it is 2 hours away from Tehran. Maranjab is also close to Kashan city. This desert reaches Qom Salt Lake from North. Also, it reaches Hose-Sultan Lake from West. From East, limited to Kavir national park. And finally, Maranjab Desert limited to Aran-o-bidgol city from South. There is an ancient castle in Maranjab desert with the same name. It is a safe shelter for travelers taking Iran desert tour. Moreover, This is one of the attractive features of Maranjab Safari. Last but not the least, this desert is full of sandy hills. Walking on these is so relaxing and enjoyable.

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Matinabad desert Eco-Camp

Matinabad is a desert located around Kashan city, too. Unfortunately, It is less known among Iran desert tours. Although a perfect place for camping, there is Eco-camp in there. It certainly makes the desert traveling easier. Right next to this desert, there is the magical city of Abyaneh. Seems like it makes this desert safari more interesting.

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Shahdad Kalouts desert

This desert is located in Shahdad village in Kerman Province. It is popular for its great features. First, it’s famous for glorious kalouts. Second, there are also brilliant sandy shapes. The earth layers movement has made them. Third, the hottest spot in earth land is reported to be in this desert. Finally, you can live in Iranian villages during Iran desert safari in Shahdad desert. Shahdad and Simeneh are amazing villages around this desert at which you can enjoy rural staying.

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Mesr desert

Mesr means Egypt in English. It is also the name of a small village in Isfahan. It has 120 people population. Mesr desert, destination of many Iran desert tours, is around it. Mesr desert is well known for its wonderful yellow hills. The soft sands are also spectacular. There is a great story behind the name if this desert. It probably originates from Prophet Joseph history. People say there was a man named Joseph in this village. He would dig water wells to save people from drought. Because of him and resemblance of this desert to Egypt deserts, they named it Mesr. There is Jandaq city 45 km away from this desert. Yazd is located in the South part of it. Isfahan is also in the Northern East part of it. Finally, it takes 5 hours for an Iran desert tour traveler to reach Mesr desert from Tehran.

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Iran Desert Tour Packages

  • Adventure & Culture
  • 6 Days
  • Oct. to May
  • Phys. Rating: 2 out of 5
  • Adventure & Culture

  • 4 Days
  • Oct. to May
  • Phys. Rating: 2 out of 5

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