Irans’ official currency is Rial. However, you will see and hear Toman a lot more common in the country.

Toman is one-tenth of a Rial. So when purchasing, if someone quotes 23000 Toman (or 23 Toman), it works out to be 230,000 Rial.

Most price written on the items in the bazaars, stores, or restaurants are in Toman but before you pay if you are not sure to ask the shopkeeper whether the price is in Rial or Toman.

The tourists who travel to Iran cannot use their Visa or Master card or withdraw any cash from ATM machines in the country, because of sanctions still in place on banks of Iran. SO the travelers must bring cash only for their entire stay. US dollars, Euros, and UK pound are the most preferred in Iran’s banks or the private exchange offices named Sarafi. Other currencies can be exchanged as well but the named three are more common and have a better rate.

The Sarafi offices offer you a better rate of exchange compare to the banks and you can find Sarafis at the airports, large cities, and tourist centers.

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