20 Tips for Climbing Damavand Mount Part 2

11) Are you familiar with Damavand area and routes?

If you are climbing Damavand for the first time, it is best to climb with guides. Although there are footprints along the way, the presence of unstable stones and sudden changes in the weather may cause problems. According to the existence of facilities in Rineh and Plour, the southern route is the easiest way to climb Damavand.

12) Can you stay in a tent or shelter in Damavand?

In Bargah-e sevom, except the two existing shelters, there are also flat and suitable spaces for the construction of tents. There might be a lack of space on the weekend that’s why we recommend you to take a tour.

13) Are there any transportation options?

It’s better not to take extra, and cumbersome gear. You can use livestock to carry your packs so you can save energy for the summit day. Some people use the mule to move the equipment up from Goosfand Sara to Bargah-e Sevom. At the final stage of climbing, climb to the summit by taking necessary stuff with a smaller backpack.

14) Is drinking water available in Damavand?

The water at the higher altitudes of this area is freezing throughout the night. You should be able to use it during the day. Due to the small number of impurities and tasting water, you can use water tablets. Access to drinking water on the northern route is more difficult than other ways. You might need to melt snow to provide drinking water. But on the southern route, mineral water can be bought from the shelter.

15) Is there a problem of air temperature or height matching in Damavand?

Some people quickly adapt to altitude, while others have acute mountain eardrums and require a longer time to fit the height.

The most important symptoms that occur until they get matched with the altitude are headaches, nausea, and dizziness. To overcome these problems, climbers can climb to a height of 4500 meters and descend back to the shelter. In case of further issues and more severe symptoms, the person can go back to a lower altitude. Alibabatrek company has made this situation easy for the hikers with proficiency in Iran trekking tour. Also, in some cases, you can fix this by deploying more days in height.

16) How to navigate the route to Damavand peak?

One of the first points in climbing activity is to move slowly and steadily. The division of energy into the entire path is possible with slow and steady steps, especially on long distance with a higher slope. Also, the joy and fun of mountains and hiking are not just in reaching the peak. You must enjoy watching nature and the attractions of the routes.

Try to move slowly, breath correctly, drink sweet liquids, and have short rest can make climbing easier for you. It is better that at least one of the members of the group has already climbed to the summit of Damavand. It is better for those who are not ready to reach the peak to stand back from the last climb.

17) What diet plan is suitable for climbing Damavand?

The best foods for mountaineering are low-volume and energy-saving foods. Also, meals should be used to not corrupt, especially in warmer seasons. But in general, we suggest you solve this problem by taking a tour. So you can leave this responsibility to your guide.

18) Suggestions for a better ascent!

If you are into reading, we suggest you bring a small book so you can read it in your free time.

We suggest you bring a camera so you can capture the fancy landscapes and climbing moments.

You can enjoy your time by listening to music, so bring a music player.

If you write down your journal, you can bring a notepad with yourself so you can write down your memories.

19) Can I join another Damavand group or do I have to go solo?

We often have a group leaving for Damavand. You can join them if we have one on your requested day. If you want to go solo, it is also possible to take a private tour.

20) Can I have a cultural tour alongside my Damavand tour?

Since many hikers would like, to have an Iran cultural tour, our company has added some Iran tour packages to Damavand trip. Visit Iran’s Mountains & Monuments packages. You can also customize your own trip and mix Damavand climbing with any other activities you want.

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