In different cities or towns of Iran, Iranian ladies’ outfit is different, but our tourist ladies do not need to worry about this diversity and they can wear a standard outfit that they are more comfortable with during their visit in different cities.

Headscarf and long trousers are mandatory for ladies.

The scarf can have any color or pattern that you might wish. During the summer try to use a super light material and light colored scarf. And during colder seasons you will appreciate a warmer material that would keep your head and neck warm. You are not required to cover all your hair if bangs or other parts are showing don’t worry.

The body must be covered with loose clothing at least to the knee or mid-thigh length. You can wear baggy shirts on warm days and coats during the winter. You can also buy manteaus from the stores and malls in Iran with an affordable price.

Jeans are absolutely fine and are very usual among Iranian ladies.

For the footwear, there are no limitations. Sandals or open-toed shoes are no problem.

For visiting, shrines or mosque wearing “Chador” is required which you can rent them at that place or buy them at a cheap price in a store.

Our dear guest ladies can wear their usual makeup in Iran.

In general, our tourist ladies can stay as stylish as they wish in all cities or towns of Iran as long as most of the hair is covered and the clothing is not too short or tight.

In case of any further questions please feel free to contact us.