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Damavand expedition and Tehran tour….A+++++++++ 5 Star *****

June 20, 2019 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

Cannot recommend these guys more! From coordinating my Visa (a little more complicated as British), to pick ups, food, water, company, service, these guys went above and beyond.
As a seasoned traveler I am always weary when service is so good…I primarily ask the questions…what do they want? or how much do they want….but none of this with Alibaba – the amazing service was just them!
Excellent guides for both the Damavand trip (Ali and Mehrdad) – as well as the quick tour of Tehran …read more on TripAdvisor

Fantastic trip to Damavand and surrounding area + great tour in Tehran

June 9, 2019 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

I climbed Damavand mountain and visited Tehran with Alibabatrek. This is how it went: I was very lucky to find Alibabatrek, the Iranian mountain/travel agency for my Damavand trip. They were very friendly/professional/efficient/reliable/knowledgeable and most of all fun to interact with. I met several people from Alibabatrek (Yasir, Ali, Mehrdad, Hossain) and all of them spoke great English, were very friendly and I enjoyed my whole trip. Ali and Mehrdad were my Damavand mountain guides. I could not have asked for better guides. Ali is a world class mountain climber with…read more on TripAdvisor

An excellent choice!

May 28, 2019 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

ou probably read this as you consider booking a tour with Alibabatrek, as I did in January. Well, you do not need to look for other choices! In the beginning of May, I (59 yrs.) had a solo ski tour for 8 days, ending happily at the summit of Mt. Damavand. From start with web page, e-mails to clarify before booking, booking, payment and, of course most important the tour itself, all was professional and highly hospitable. No problems or distressing events. The company’s strengths are the combination between professionality, knowledge, being personal and flexibility according to wishes of guests. In my case…read more on TripAdvisor

Damavand climbing

May 16, 2019 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

Good service by Alibabatrek. Very good preparation, detailed customer service before the travel. Management of the Iranian visa was easy, and went without any issue. Good local meeting in Teheran, a very good clarification of the climbing route, and the best layout for the climb, with breaks, and overnight stops. At the mountain, good basecamp, in the village, good food and good supply. Great mountainguide has been assigned to us, from the beginning who supported us where it was needed from the beginning. Unfortunately we had…read more on TripAdvisor

Persian gulf and a couple of days in Tehran region

May 8, 2019 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

We did a persian gulf trip with Alibabatrek to Qeshm island and Hormuz. Normally we travel independently, this was our first organised tour and it was a really good experience. No mass-tourism, the program was flexible and tailored to our needs or suggestions. Very friendly and helpful guides, and very good organisation!…read more on TripAdvisor

Excellent tour organization

April 26, 2019 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

I made a classic irrigation with the above-mentioned company based in Tehran in April. In the run-up via mail a tour course was suggested, my individual wishes were considered to my complete satisfaction. It was a very professional tour guide and all stops on the tour were really well organized. I felt in the best of hands in every situation. The tour guides on site were very good and…read more in German on TripAdvisor

Persian Gulf

April 22, 2019 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

The excellent customer service provided by Alibabatrek started long before our trip. Ever since the initial email contact, the team at Alibabatrek have delivered over and beyond what I have ever expected. All of my queries and questions were answered in a prompt manner, and all of my requests were met without issues.

Our jam packed trip in the Persian Gulf with Alibabatrek was incredible! We spent 5 amazing days exploring the islands of Qeshm, Hangam… read more on TripAdvisor

Excellent !

April 7, 2019 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

Alibabatrek offered me a great experience full of beautiful memories. I was looking for a last-minute tour in mountains & desert and in 24h they organized everything according to my requests. The guide was great as well and… read more on TripAdvisor

A one-week trip in Iran

February 24, 2019 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

We are a group of six friends who spent a week in Iran with Alibaba. What I have to say is that there was excellent organization with attention to every detail. Our guide Ali Mesbahi was irreplaceable. A lot of knowledge about everything. Very patient and very helpful was always ready and… read more on TripAdvisor

Great Damavand & cultural trip

December 11, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

We’ve used in total two weeks the services of Alibaba trek. The first week we did a summit attempt on Mt. Damavand. Unfortunately due to extreme snow conditions we could not reach the top. The guides were excellent though. The second week we did a cultural trip to several sites and cities. Knowledge of the guide was incredible and we had a lot of good laughs. Before the trip I was a bit concerned about my gluten allergy but… read more on TripAdvisor

December 1, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

We spent one week in Iran with Alibabatrek.
We visited the Persian Gulf and Yazd…
Unique experience
Everything was pefect,our guide has been irreplaceable ,prepared,and a good traveling companion… read more on TripAdvisor

Reliable company and wonderful experience

November 29, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

I highly recommend Alibabatrek as they are a reliable company, polite and super professional. Every aspect, from communication during booking procedure to carrying out the tour, has been handled with great care and I always felt like at home among new friends. 

This was my first trip to Iran and… read more on TripAdvisor

Thanks Alibabatrek!

November 15, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

Me and my girlfriend went with Alibabatrek for an adventurous trip in the mountains. They proposed a 5 day trip to Tochal and Damavand.

We had very good contact through whatsapp in preparation of the trip, every question answered. Once in the trip began, the guides were very well prepared and it was very nice to walk and talk with them. In the evening he did everything so we wouldn’t get cold, giving us extra blankets etc… read more on TripAdvisor

Hiking and cultural tour

November 4, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

This last September, me and my non-Iranian wife travelled to Iran. We were looking for some adventurous hiking experience (something like climbing Mt. Damavand – the highest pick in the Middle East) and found Alibabatrek using google search. 

Initially, we were only interested in their hiking package but then we were sold on their cultural tour as well. 

The hiking trip was the highlight of our trip for sure. Their hiking team was unbelievably well-organized. Also, that part of the country is out of …read more on TripAdvisor

Damavand Hike

October 28, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

I went with Alibabatrek on Damavand and I can say it was a very professional company starting from the communication prior to the trip to the mountain guide who made sure that I really reach the top even though I was close to quit fighting the off-season conditions. Not only were the professional, but they noticed that it was my birthday on the hike day and they surprised me with a cake, gave me a true feeling of porfesional “european company” combined with …read more on TripAdvisor

Expedition Volcanic Mountain Damavand

October 27, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

Mount Damavand laying in the Alborz range of Iran, I fixed my clear vision for climbing Damavand and started working on it, but owing to my nationality it was becoming difficult to get VIsa and meet my dream, after 5 months tried off ,at the very end, when off season just started and I felt down, sudden and very fortune I found ALibabaTrek , who’s founder chairman and the entire team not only supported me to have my Visa but to wrote my whole and sweet memories in the lap upto shoulder of Mountain, from the morning till night at city, from the day one to day 8th of my tour. 
The entire team of Alibaba do a very bad thing if you experience them, what is that ? You will not recall your family members even during the tour when you are with them. they are truly very much caring whether it is early morning or …read more on TripAdvisor

Mountains, people and culture

September 30, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

We were with an organized by Alibatrek, individual, personal tour 3 weeks in Iran. All our wishes were taken into account in the preparation of our visit to Iran. The contact took place via Mail, WhatsApp and telephone, everything worked perfectly well. We have communicated in English. The tour took us first into the mountains, on the Alam Kuh and then on the Damavand. We had very accomplished and experienced mountain guides and climbed both summits successfully and without any difficulty. The acclimatization program and the food were very good. In the second part we made a train journey from Tehran to Sari and then visited Isfahan and Kashan – the guides were exemplary and well informed. They were able to answer all our … read more in German on TripAdvisor

Perfect to climb Mount Damavand

September 4, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

They are a very correct, reliable company. We could organize our tour through email.We got all necessary information in advance.
During the Damavand trekking tour our guide was very experienced mountaineer, and but he doesn’t speak English, but we got a translator, and this way the communication worked.
Alibaba could help everything what we ask: transfer from airport, booking accommodation. with a local bank card, and with a wifi router to use mobile data,
we were very satisfied with them. Read this review on TripAdvisor

Amazing trekking experience in Iran !

August 2, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

My brother and I went trekking in Iran this summer with Alibabatrek and that was an amazing experience ! 
The team is very professional and responsive. They designed a trip for us, respecting our experience, expectations and wishes. 
They were super helpful on the organisation of our trip and responded very quickly about our concerns (especially when you are not a mountain expert !).
We went on a trekking trip for 5 days, to climb Mount Alam Kuh. Our guide was professional and very attentive. Thanks to the acclimatisation phase, we did not have any trouble despite the altitude. We really enjoyed the fact that we could adapt the trip at every moment and very easily (for example, as our flight got cancelled, we finally landed in the early morning instead of the day before, so they arranged a hotel reservation for us for the first night, to allow us to get a shower and … read more on TripAdvisor

Excellent Planing, attention to details created exceptional experience

July 29, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

When my friends and I decided to visit Iran, everyone had its own type of doubts, from security to dress code, but from the first moment we got in contact with Alibabatrek, it was quite obvious we were dealing with experts.
They were quite quick and returned all our questions and emails in no more than couple of hours, we chose one of their packages (Mountain and Monuments package) customized it and chose to visit a desert camp on our way to Kashan and confirmed the hotel picks in just two days it was quite quick and straight forward.
The attention to details was clear in the package they sent us as proposal it was 35 pages of every day and details of the trip with beautiful pictures to give us a glimpse of what was ahead and they helped us with the Visa services free of charge, the other good thing was we could pay all the cost online and as three ladies …. read more on TripAdvisor

The Best Way to See Iran

July 16, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

Our experience with Alibabetrek could not have been any more ideal – it was informative, fun, original, convenient, and efficient all wrapped up in one value-friendly package. Our guide Ali was extremely knowledgeable about a vast array of subjects. He presented the information in a relevant and down-to-earth manner. The accommodations provided by Alibabetrek were beyond thoughtful and considerate – they thought of things to have for us before we could even think of them. They were flexible to… read more on TripAdvisor

Climbing Damavand

July 8, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

I fully recommend Alibabatrek to anyone thinking about climbing Damavand, or doing any other tour in Iran. From the start it was clear they both knew what they were doing, and were genuinely interested in giving us as good an experience as possible. Our guide Ali was the youngest Iranian to have climbed a +7,000m peak, and he had been up Damavand more times that he could remember. His knowledge of the mountain was second to none and their programme of daily acclimatization hikes made all the difference in getting us to the top. They managed to make the trip feel a lot more like a holiday with friends than an organised tour, and it was clear how much effort they put in to shaping the trip around clients’ specific interests. The transport to/from the mountain was excellent, we got to shop for…. read more on TripAdvisor

Memorable Experience, Damavand Trekking, Cultural trip

July 3, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

My friend and I had long planned for visiting Iran as our friends who had visited Iran last year have had great memories and a lot to share from their trip, we looked at different agencies and eventually we decided to go with Alibabatrek, the main motivation was their website, as their websites looked quite professional and neat, they were quite responsive and flexible we selected a private Iran tour, who was originally visiting two Mountains (Alamkouh and Damavand) and visiting 5 cities (Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan Kashan and Yazd) but we decided to customize the trip and spend more time on Damavand, Shiraz and Isfahan; they were quite flexible in the booking process and very knowledgeable when it came to giving advices to accommodate our interest when it came to details of the visit we squeezed in a visit to Iranian traditional music concert. We got the option of online payment which was….. read more on TripAdvisor

Exceptional service in a customised cultural trip

June 8, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

I had 2 weeks to agree an itinerary and book my travel as it was all last minute when I knew I had the time to travel. Alibabatrek was the most responsive, flexible and cost effective of the four agents I contacted. Within a few days, we agreed an itinerary based on my requirements and their advice on possibilities and practicality. They also convinced me to apply for my visa ahead of time to give me added comfort on arrival, even though I could do it on arrival, and made all of the arrangements for me. They answered all of my questions promptly and made sure I felt comfortable and safe with the arrangements they were making down to the details of the exact hotel selections. As a single female traveller my safety and compliance with the laws of the country were my highest priority given what is portrayed in the media. I must say I had a very different experience, but I was hopeful I would as I had travelled to other countries with poor media image and found them to be hugely different to what was portrayed. My guides were all exceptional. They were…..  read more on TripAdvisor

Customised Cultural Tour of Iran

June 4, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

My friend and I visited Iran in April for an 8-day customized cultural tour. After contacting a number of agencies in Iran, we chose Alibabatrek because of the professional advice and responsiveness, and we didn’t regret it.
From the trip organisation to the final departure, the team made us feel very welcome, safe and having fun at all times.
We arrived in Shiraz and traveled to Tehran stopping at the nomad camp, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan and visiting Abyaneh (a quirky traditional village).
The guides were very knowledgeable and were able to give a lot of information on the history, culture, music, food, modern life in Iran.
Thanks to Alibabatrek we left Iran wanting to go back to this amazing country and explore more. Special thanks to….  read more on TripAdvisor

Damavand Trekking

May 21, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour

My husband and I are just back from Iran, where we did a guided Damavand trekking tour with Alibabatrek. We were not fully prepared and decided on the trip a few days before leaving the US.

Our experience with Ali and Milad was wonderful. They were thoughtful and accommodating. We climbed up another mountain the day before to acclimatize ourselves. Milad, our guide in Damavand, was quick to recognize the bad weather coming our way. Although we did not climb up to the top (we did not plan to), we came back with great memories and mental pictures of the beautiful landscape.
The meals and accommodation were authentic. We also enjoyed the hot springs after the long hike.

Ali and Milad are both very passionate about mountaineering and….. read more on TripAdvisor

Alibabatrek iran travel iran tour visit iran Damavand and Koloon bastak reviews

Jacques Riviere

United States

Koloon Bastak and Damavand trip (3 days)

May 20, 2018 on


My wife and I booked a 3 day trip with Alibabatrek early May to hike in the alborz mountain range north of Tehran. We were very happy with our choice. They took the time to listen to what we were looking for and made several suggestions based on our needs. Because we weren’t sure about altitude effects, they suggested to start the first day with a hike on the slopes on Koloon Bastak. The landscape there was magnificient. They were very professional and made sure we felt comfortable the whole time. For instance, we weren’t necessary very well prepared or experienced with hiking in the snow, and both Ali and Milad were very patient and helpful. Everything was taken care of in terms of food, lodging, transportation. The housing in the village was very authentic and we had some really yummy food.
Thank you very much Ali and Milad. We have great memories with you guys 🙂


Touristic trip with Alibabatrek

Mar 18, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour
In February, me and my Mum decided to go to Iran (Tehran and Isfahan) however we don’t have any travel plan. Thanks to AlibabaTrek they offered us different plans and customized our trips according to our preferences. Within 4 days, they were always near to us and tried to show us real life of Iran besides all historical places. All guides were so friendly and so well informed! I highly recommend their services and guidance. I hope we will come to Iran at next Nowruz….. read more on TripAdvisor

Damavand Ski Trip

Mar 18, 2018 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour
On March 2018, 3 of my friends and I had a great ski touring experience which was climbing Mount Damavand and also 2 other peaks around. Everything was well organized and taken care of. I really would like to recommend this trip with Alibabatrek to those who are into skiing.

Mt Damavand + Culture Trip

Nov 12, 2017 on TripAdvisor

tripadvisor alibabatrek iran tour
Mt damavand trip:At the end of october I did the Damavand Trip with Alibabatrek. Although it was the end of the season, my Guide Ali and I went to climb the top. Ali was very experienced in trekking/ climbing and was a great guide. Everything was taken care of; transportation, food, acclimatization schedule, accommodation, atmosphere,… That’s why I didn’t have to worry about anything. Everything was just fine and it made the trip unforgettable. The experience I’ve got reaching the summit will be one of my greatest moments and achievements ever. Thanks to Ali (and Alibabatrek) I was able to do it on a good and fun way. I really would like to recommend them to anyone who wants to do something special, adventurous, exciting, experiencing, … in Iran. They know their business really well and you will be in good hands!Culture trip:After my trip to …. read more on TripAdvisor
Alibabatrek iran travel iran tour testimonials about iran damavand trekking tour from france

Laure-Anne Parpaleix



Nov 2, 2017 on


First time climbing a more than 5000m high vulcano, Alibabatrek made it an amazing experience! An optimized 3 day trip (designed by Alibaba’s experienced climber) with a great group, tasty food, and a very nice guide. Perfect organisation, attentive staff, easily reachable beforehand to explain all details of the itinerary and who are pleased to give very good tips.Definitly recommend to go for it!

Alibabatrek iran travel iran tour visit iran damavand testimonials tour from canada

Sian Abasnejad


Great Experience! Fantastic Rates!

Oct 30, 2017 on


I really enjoyed my experience with this extremely hospitable company! Everything was taken care of from A to Z. Before embarking on my Mount Damavand I was not sure which tour to book, or if I even wanted to go on a tour with them in the first place. The helpful staff and management at Alibab Trek spent more than an hour on the phone with me explaining each detail of the 3 day tour. I was sold! I frequent Iran and will certainly be booking their Mount Alamkooh tour for sure!

Alibabatrek testimonials about iran tour from germany

Svea Ledig



Sep 24, 2017 on

It was really an extraordinary service with brilliant tips and organization. We will definitly recommend Alibabatrek!
lena herrmann

Lena Herrmann


Damavand Trip

Sep 24, 2017 on


Thank you for the very nice trip and the cool time on Damavand!And thank you for the nice birthday-cake! 🙂

Alibabatrek iran travel iran tour visit iran testimonials about iran travel from bulgaria

Vesselin Iliev


Damavand Climb

Sep 11, 2017 on

I climbed Damavand for three days with Ali. We organized the trip very quickly and the service was good. Can only recommend it !

Judith Collins

United Kingdom

Best Trekking Experience Imaginable!

Jul 1, 2017 on


Iran undoubtedly is one of the most surprisingly fascinating holiday destinations. Our mountain guide himself and the rest of the team at looked after me and my friends in every aspect. I chose the full board Damavand package alongside Kashan and Shiraz and I recommend the tour to all. We felt safe and secured at all stages of this memorable trip.

Alibabatrek iran travel iran tour visit iran testimonials from bulgaria

Dimitar Petrov


Great Services

June 25, 2017 on


In 2016 I have a track with Ali (Mr.Mesbahi) to the AlamKooh! He was polite, kind, and he had organized everything in the camp (3300 m.). When we descended from the top and was about 35 Celsius degrees, he surprised our group with several pieces of cold watermelon in the camp!!! and it was the best watermelon I’ve ever eaten! I recommend to all the services of Alibabatrek!