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Koloon Bastak and Damavand trip (3 days) | May 20, 2018
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My wife and I booked a 3 day trip with Alibabatrek early May to hike in the alborz mountain range north of Tehran. We were very happy with our choice. They took the time to listen to what we were looking for and made several suggestions based on our needs. Because we weren’t sure about altitude effects, they suggested to start the first day with a hike on the slopes on Koloon Bastak. The landscape there was magnificient. They were very professional and made sure we felt comfortable the whole time. For instance, we weren’t necessary very well prepared or experienced with hiking in the snow, and both Ali and Milad were very patient and helpful. Everything was taken care of in terms of food, lodging, transportation. The housing in the village was very authentic and we had some really yummy food. Thank you very much Ali and Milad. We have great memories with you guys 🙂
Touristic trip with Alibaba Trek | Mar 18, 2018
In February, me and my Mum decided to go to Iran (Tehran and Isfahan) however we don’t have any travel plan. Thanks to AlibabaTrek they offered us different plans and customized our trips according to our preferences. Within 4 days, they were always near to us and tried to show us real life of Iran besides all historical places. All guides were so friendly and so well informed! I highly recommend their services and guidance. I hope we will come to Iran at next Nowruz time and discover different cities with Alibaba Trek 🙂 special thanks to Ali in Tehran, Ali in Isfahan and Mohamad 🙂
Mt Damavand + Culture Trip | Nov 12, 2017
Mt damavand trip:At the end of october I did the Damavand Trip with Alibabatrek. Although it was the end of the season, my Guide Ali and I went to climb the top. Ali was very experienced in trekking/ climbing and was a great guide. Everything was taken care of; transportation, food, acclimatization schedule, accommodation, atmosphere,… That’s why I didn’t have to worry about anything. Everything was just fine and it made the trip unforgettable. The experience I’ve got reaching the summit will be one of my greatest moments and achievements ever. Thanks to Ali (and Alibabatrek) I was able to do it on a good and fun way. I really would like to recommend them to anyone who wants to do something special, adventurous, exciting, experiencing, … in Iran. They know their business really well and you will be in good hands!Culture trip:After my trip to Mt Damavand I decided to tour Iran with Alibabatrek on a more cultural trip. I was completely blown away by the country’s beauty and the kindness of the people. I visited a lot of cultural, touristic places but it was a healthy mix with the more hidden places. Places where mostly only Iranian people go to and less tourists. It was fantastic to discover the country in all it’s aspects. The cultural sightseeing’s were nice to visit and interesting to learn about the use and history of those places. I would never found to the little coffee bars and restaurants we went to drink coffee or eat a delicious lunch/ diner, without my guide Ali. Thanks to Ali (and Alibabatrek) I was able to do it on a good and fun way. So this was a very unique experience to discover the normal way of living in Iran. The value that Alibabatrek created is huge and everything was really well organized. From the great restaurants to the special houses we slept in Kasahn and Yazd ( more special than a hotel). The beautiful cities of Isfahan, Abyaneh, Shiraz and the metropole Tehran. I really would like to recommend them to anyone who wants to do something special, adventurous, exciting, experiencing, … in Iran. They know their business really well and you will be in good hands!
Breathtaking | Nov 2, 2017
First time climbing a more than 5000m high vulcano, Alibabatrek made it an amazing experience! An optimized 3 day trip (designed by Alibaba's experienced climber) with a great group, tasty food, and a very nice guide. Perfect organisation, attentive staff, easily reachable beforehand to explain all details of the itinerary and who are pleased to give very good tips.Definitly recommend to go for it!
Great Experience! Fantastic Rates! | Oct 30, 2017
I really enjoyed my experience with this extremely hospitable company! Everything was taken care of from A to Z. Before embarking on my Mount Damavand I was not sure which tour to book, or if I even wanted to go on a tour with them in the first place. The helpful staff and management at Alibab Trek spent more than an hour on the phone with me explaining each detail of the 3 day tour. I was sold! I frequent Iran and will certainly be booking their Mount Alamkooh tour for sure!
Damavand Trek | Oct 5, 2017
Thanks for the amazing trip to the top of Iran! Thanks to Ali and the other people of alibatrek we reached the 5610m safely in 3 days, got good food and had a nice place to sleep at the mountain. It was an unique experience and I can recommended it to everyone!
Damavand | Sep 24, 2017
It was really an extraordinary service with brilliant tips and organization. We will definitly recommend Alibabatrek!
Damavand Trip | Sep 24, 2017
Thank you for the very nice trip and the cool time on Damavand!And thank you for the nice birthday-cake! 🙂
Damavand Climb | Sep 11, 2017
Vesselin Iliev Bulgaria
I climbed Damavand for three days with Ali. We organized the trip very quickly and the service was good. Can only recommend it !
Best Treking Experience Imaginable! | Jul 1, 2017
Judith Collins UK
Iran undoubtedly is one of the most surprisingly fascinating holiday destinations. Our mountain guide himself and the rest of the team at looked after me and my friends in every aspect. I chose the full board Damavand package alongside Kashan and Shiraz and I recommend the tour to all. We felt safe and secured at all stages of this memorable trip.
Great Services | Jun 25, 2017
In 2016 I have a track with Ali (Mr.Mesbahi) to the AlamKooh! He was polite, kind, and he had organized everything in the camp (3300 m.). When we descended from the top and was about 35 Celsius degrees, he surprised our group with several pieces of cold watermelon in the camp!!! and it was the best watermelon I've ever eaten! I recommend to all the services of Alibabatrek! 🙂

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