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7 Reasons For Traveling Iran With A Tour Guide

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Traveling Iran With A Tour Guide

One of the main choices a tourist should make is choosing between traveling independently or with a tour guide. Many of the tourists think that traveling alone costs much less than traveling with a tour guide. But, having a pleasant experience during your journey is not as easy as you think. Only a guide in your destination can offer you a more exciting experience during your trip. Also, you don’t need to join big tours to have a tour guide.  Iran private tours and Iran small group tours also have tour guides who can make your trip better. Here are the reasons why you should travel to Iran with a  tour guide:

You Do Not Know Farsi

Nobody expects a tourist to know the language of the place he/she travels. Not knowing the language is a common issue that you might face wherever you go. If you are lucky enough, the majority of the people in your destination country can speak English. But, that’s doesn’t always happen. Also, sometimes the tourists do not have enough fluency in English to talk with others.

Most of the people in Iran know just the basics in English. It means speaking with them won’t be that easy. So, the best thing you can do is having a guide by your side who can translate everything for you. Luckily, we have guides for our Iran private tours that are fluent in other languages than English as well. It will be especially useful to tourists who are not fluent in English.

A Guide Knows More Places

The websites that offer the must-sees in your destination country are beneficial. They suggest the most famous places to visit in your destination. But the most famous places aren’t all the places you can go and visit. Notably, not in Iran. In other words, there are many sites you can visit in different cities in Iran that websites do not offer. Only the expert

Your Guide Can Give You Information

One of the essential things that a tour guide has to offer is information about the places you will visit. Usually, when it comes to sightseeing, many think that they can do it all by themselves. They believe that all they have to do is take a taxi, go to the place they want and visit the place. But, an important thing that they do not consider is visiting a site without having information about it is drab. The thing that makes the sites more interesting is the story behind them. The boards behind the historical monuments can only give you a little information about them. But, having a guide by your side will make everything more interesting.

Having A Car At Your Door Every Morning

Imagine you do not have a tour guide and have to order a taxi every morning you want to start going sightseeing. Some might say seeing a different driver every day can lead to more interaction with Iranians.

On the other hand, this might not be as easy as it seems. What if the drivers do not know English enough to take you where you want to go? Also, not knowing the language your driver speaks can lead to some misunderstanding.

Another thing that could be bothersome when traveling with different drivers is not all the drivers are careful and disciplined. Agencies always try to hire the best drivers for their Iran tours. Also, having a driver at your door every morning is very pleasant because you will spend less time waiting. This way, you can get to the place/s you want quite easily.

Can Help You With Possible Troubles

Wherever you are traveling, you always might face issues. Of course, Iran is safe, and going to Iran won’t be hard. But, having a guide by your side can be very helpful if you want to do solo female travel to Iran. Also, having a guide by your side can assure you that you have someone to rely on during your trip. One of the most important things we offer in our Iran tour packages is a peaceful trip for our tourists. A guide can always help you to overcome the issues during your travel.

It’s Necessary For Getting An Iran Visa

Travelers from many countries can have a visa on arrival and do not have to book a tour before traveling. However, Iran visa for US citizens, Iran visa for UK citizens, and Iran visa for Canadian citizens are exceptions. Obtaining Iran Visa for the citizens of these countries is more complicated than the others. They have to book an Iran tour before traveling to Iran to get an authorization code. Getting an authorization code is necessary for travelers from these countries for obtaining a visa. Also, you can only have a few days on your own during your trip. It means that you should have a guide with you wherever you go during your stay in Iran.

Can ask your guide to provide the things you need

Sometimes finding what you need in another country can be difficult for a tourist. For example, you might need a specific pill, and you don’t know how you can find it. Also, it’s challenging to have access to some of the stuff in Iran. For example, alcoholic drinks are illegal in Iran. But, you can ask your tour guide to provide it for you. Of course, it won’t be as easy if you wanted to buy it yourself.

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10 tips for Iran travel and things to know before taking Iran tour

Iran is one of the most attractive tourist sites for travelers around the world. Recently, Iran travel is being suggested by many travelers. Iran has been wrongly assumed to be a country of terrorism and nuclear weapons. Actually, it is a safe, beautiful four-season country in the heart of the middle-east. Iran is the remaining region of the Great Persian Empire with an old and rich history. It is now an Islamic republic respecting people of all religions.

Iran has the most breathtaking natural landscapes. That includes the most desolate deserts with the highest temperature on earth to the humid, dense, north jungles. Magnificent historical castles and monuments are part of the glory of this magical country. All the above has made Iran travel and Iran tours an increasing trend among worldwide travelers. As a result, Iran tourism is a strongly developing Industry.

Rather than being a great excursion, Iran travel costs a very moderate amount. There are many Iran tours through which you can enjoy Persian group traveling. But, before making the trip you have to know your destination well. So here are some Iran traveling tips for travelers never been to Iran before.

1-Iran travel is safe!

Iran travel and tourism have been affected by the wrong image of western media of Iran. Actually, the crime and terrorism rates in Iran are very low and the people are helpful and friendly. Iran is among the safest countries according to international reports. Also, according to travelers experiencing Iran tours and trips.

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2-You can get a VISA and insurance easily for Iran tours!

You can get a VISA on arrival (VOA) at the airport. Citizens of the US, the UK, Canada, and a few other countries don’t have this option. However, if you’re traveling overland you should take your VISA in advance. The price for the process ranges according to your nationality. Remember you can’t get a VISA without travel insurance. Sadly most travel insurance companies don’t cover trips to Iran. So make sure your insurance covers Iran. Otherwise, get one at the airport as well.

3-Iran travel is favorably economical!

Trips to Iran are among the most low-budget trips you can have. The official currency in Iran is Rial. It has a very low value compared to other currencies. Hence, however much you spend in Iran would not cost much in your currency. You can easily exchange your money for Rials at exchange offices. Remember Toman is 10 Rials. It is confusing for many foreigners who visit Iran. Since you may commonly hear people giving the prices in Toman during Iran travel. The total daily expense of an individual differs. I depend on how generously he/she wants to travel around.

Remember to assign enough money for buying gifts and souvenirs. Traditional clothes, Persian rug, handicrafts, and local sweets are suggested souvenirs of Persia trip.

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4-Took an Iran Tour, you’ve got to take an Iranian SIM card!

You can get an Iranian SIM card with 4G internet coverage from offices available. You’ll need that for better communication with your local friends. Also, you’ll need it for map availability during Iran travel. Famous SIM card operators are ‘Hamrah Aval’ and ‘Irancell’. Also, make sure to have a proper VPN on your cell phone. Unfortunately, some websites like Facebook are not accessible in Iran.

5-Take Iran Tour to learn the definition of hospitality!

Iranians are generally well educated, civilized, modern and hospitable people. Make most of your Iran travel by enjoying these great features. For instance, an Iranian family meets you on the bus or subway. They immediately ask you to stay with them. Just say yes. Persians are so warm that they welcome foreigners taking Iran tour from any country.

Iran is a vast country with different ethnicities including Turkish, Kurdish, Arabs and so on. Therefore, there are different cultures and customs there. Majority of the population of Iran are Muslims. They have Muslim Calendar. Weekend in Iran is Thursday and Friday when the whole family usually gets together. They also have a lot of religious holidays during the year.


6-Experience the best middle-eastern non-alcoholic foods in Iran!

Iranian foods and meals are extraordinarily delicious. Each part of the country has its local meals. The common foods served everywhere in Iran are Kebab, Ghormeh Sabzi, and Gheimeh.

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These foods are traditionally cooked on Iranian holidays and occasions. It is so rare that you don’t like Iranian original food’s taste. If so, there are international restaurants on every corner. The only thing you may miss in your Iran tour is alcohol. As an Islamic country, using alcohol in beverages and foods is illegal. All the drinks you find in Iran are non-alcoholic.

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Ghormeh Sabzi


7-Don’t miss the historical places during Persia traveling!

Iran has a civilization that goes back to about 3000 years ago. As a result, there are a great number of ancient tourist sites in Iran. It contains castles of former kings to the mosques and temples. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to book Iran tours visiting such places whilst Iran traveling. Examples of these places are Takht-e-Jamshid or Persepolis, Arg-e-Bam, Dome of Soltaniyeh, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, and many other honorable places.

8-You’ll regret if you don’t see architectural marvels of Iran!

There have always been so many great mathematicians and scientists in Persia. This has led to great architectural pieces located all over the country. The city of Isfahan is surely full of these places. Others are Azadi and Milad Towers in Tehran, Borujerdi House in Kashan and Tabriz Grand Bazaar to name a few. So take time to explore these masterpieces coupled with your Iran tour.

9-Women should wear Hijab in Iran!

In an Islamic country like Iran, women should wear Hijab. That means to cover their body and to wear a headscarf for covering their hair in public. It may, at first, seem tough for western women. However, Former female travelers taking Iran tours claimed they got used to it easily. Besides, colorful Iranian “Roosari” is the loveliest. It is the commonest scarf in Iran. It can be a good souvenir from your trip to Iran, too.
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10-Consider “time’’ for taking an Iran tour to enjoy the best weather!

As a four-season country, during Iran travel you may experience different climates. You may encounter hot summers with a high temperature of 50 centigrade. Also, you may freeze at the low temperature of -20 centigrade in winter. So plan your excursion according to the destination weather. If you are heading to the magical south shores, travel in late winter or spring. The sky of deserts is mind-blowing in fall. The high lands of Azerbaijan are perfect for summer trips. The green north is always fresh and leafy but spring is the best for sure.

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For more information and detail for a memorable trip to the sunshine of middle-east, Iran, Contact us.

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Easing Iran tourists passport, Iran Visa

Passports of tourists visiting Iran will not have to be stamped anymore,

Source: Iran tourists passport, Iran Visa, Iran Tours

Iranian authorities will introduce protectionist measures to support the nation’s tourism industry in the wake of unilateral US sanctions on Iran, Mehr News Agency reported.
Iranian media outlet cited Ali Asghar Mounesan, the Iranian vice president and head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHTO), who announced that Iran tourists passport will not have to be stamped. Proposed legislation for the move has been drafted and approved by the head of ICHTO and main the country’s Ministries.

“While the statistics provided by immigration police of Iran show that the number of foreign tourists visiting Iran has increased by 38 percent in the first four months, the number of European visitors show a slight decline which has affected the functionality of our 4- and 5-star hotels,” Ali Asghar Mounesan was quoted as saying by Mehr news agency.

Mounesan stressed that the move will allow an easing of “tourists’ concerns about visiting Iran because of US sanctions.” the cause of stop stamping Iran tourists passport.

Last year, Russia and Iran signed an agreement on visa-free travel for tourist groups from five to 50 people which means they can come to Iran just by taking their passports. Moscow and Tehran have simplified visa rules in place for their nationals – business people, scientists, educators and several other categories of travelers – that has been in force since February 2016.