7 Reasons For Traveling Iran With A Tour Guide

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Traveling Iran With A Tour Guide

One of the main choices a tourist should make is choosing between traveling independently or with a tour guide. Many of the tourists think that traveling alone costs much less than traveling with a tour guide. But, having a pleasant experience during your journey is not as easy as you think. Only a guide in your destination can offer you a more exciting experience during your trip. Also, you don’t need to join big tours to have a tour guide.  Iran private tours and Iran small group tours also have tour guides who can make your trip better. Here are the reasons why you should travel to Iran with a  tour guide:

You Do Not Know Farsi

Nobody expects a tourist to know the language of the place he/she travels. Not knowing the language is a common issue that you might face wherever you go. If you are lucky enough, the majority of the people in your destination country can speak English. But, that’s doesn’t always happen. Also, sometimes the tourists do not have enough fluency in English to talk with others.

Most of the people in Iran know just the basics in English. It means speaking with them won’t be that easy. So, the best thing you can do is having a guide by your side who can translate everything for you. Luckily, we have guides for our Iran private tours that are fluent in other languages than English as well. It will be especially useful to tourists who are not fluent in English.

A Guide Knows More Places

The websites that offer the must-sees in your destination country are beneficial. They suggest the most famous places to visit in your destination. But the most famous places aren’t all the places you can go and visit. Notably, not in Iran. In other words, there are many sites you can visit in different cities in Iran that websites do not offer. Only the expert

Your Guide Can Give You Information

One of the essential things that a tour guide has to offer is information about the places you will visit. Usually, when it comes to sightseeing, many think that they can do it all by themselves. They believe that all they have to do is take a taxi, go to the place they want and visit the place. But, an important thing that they do not consider is visiting a site without having information about it is drab. The thing that makes the sites more interesting is the story behind them. The boards behind the historical monuments can only give you a little information about them. But, having a guide by your side will make everything more interesting.

Having A Car At Your Door Every Morning

Imagine you do not have a tour guide and have to order a taxi every morning you want to start going sightseeing. Some might say seeing a different driver every day can lead to more interaction with Iranians.

On the other hand, this might not be as easy as it seems. What if the drivers do not know English enough to take you where you want to go? Also, not knowing the language your driver speaks can lead to some misunderstanding.

Another thing that could be bothersome when traveling with different drivers is not all the drivers are careful and disciplined. Agencies always try to hire the best drivers for their Iran tours. Also, having a driver at your door every morning is very pleasant because you will spend less time waiting. This way, you can get to the place/s you want quite easily.

Can Help You With Possible Troubles

Wherever you are traveling, you always might face issues. Of course, Iran is safe, and going to Iran won’t be hard. But, having a guide by your side can be very helpful if you want to do solo female travel to Iran. Also, having a guide by your side can assure you that you have someone to rely on during your trip. One of the most important things we offer in our Iran tour packages is a peaceful trip for our tourists. A guide can always help you to overcome the issues during your travel.

It’s Necessary For Getting An Iran Visa

Travelers from many countries can have a visa on arrival and do not have to book a tour before traveling. However, Iran visa for US citizens, Iran visa for UK citizens, and Iran visa for Canadian citizens are exceptions. Obtaining Iran Visa for the citizens of these countries is more complicated than the others. They have to book an Iran tour before traveling to Iran to get an authorization code. Getting an authorization code is necessary for travelers from these countries for obtaining a visa. Also, you can only have a few days on your own during your trip. It means that you should have a guide with you wherever you go during your stay in Iran.

Can ask your guide to provide the things you need

Sometimes finding what you need in another country can be difficult for a tourist. For example, you might need a specific pill, and you don’t know how you can find it. Also, it’s challenging to have access to some of the stuff in Iran. For example, alcoholic drinks are illegal in Iran. But, you can ask your tour guide to provide it for you. Of course, it won’t be as easy if you wanted to buy it yourself.

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