The Pros and Cons of Traveling Iran in Summer

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Isfahan, Imam Square


Many people would doubt traveling in summer because they fear too hot and humid weathers. They believe they cannot tolerate visiting another country in the summer. But, should we travel to another country in the summer? Well, it’s not an easy decision to make without having enough information. Going to other countries during summer has its pros and cons. Each state can be different as well. We will explain some of the pros and cons of going to Iran during the summer in this passage. We will also show you which Iran tour packages are the best to book in summer and why. This way, you can gather more information and finally make a better decision. Who knows, maybe summer is even better for booking an Iran tour!

Worry About the Crowded Places No More!

Traveling during the spring can be tempting for many of the tourists because of the fantastic weather. But, the problem is Iran can be very crowded during the spring due to Nowruz celebration and the Persian new year. Typically, traveling during the crowded times of the year is not appealing for many of the tourists. Finding rooms in the hotels is difficult, and the traffic in the streets can be annoying. On the other hand, winter is low season and is less crowded. But, only some of the places in Iran are appropriate for traveling in winter.

Summer can be the best time for tourists that want to enjoy less crowded streets and warm weather. You can easily book the rooms of the best hotels and visit most of the regions in Iran. So, you won’t have to deal with the troubles in high season. Also, in contradiction with what people usually think, Iran is not too hot. Many of the tourists from middle east travel Iran in the summer to enjoy the cooler weather.

Same Iran Tours Cheaper

Many of the tourists might be interested in Iran cultural tours but look for more affordable prices than normal. Summer will be the right time for them to book their cultural tour packages. The Iran culture tours in Alibabatrek have discounts up to 300 euros during summer. The reason for the lower prices of the cultural tours is that the hotels are cheaper in this season. You can find better hotels with lower prices in summer in comparison with the high season. For example, the 21 day Iran journey tour is 200 euros cheaper during June, July, and August. In conclusion, although the hot weather can bother some tourists but spending less money on accommodation can worth it.

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Best Places to Go During Summer

Due to its location, many think Iran has too hot summers which makes it impossible to travel Iran during summer. The truth is Iran is a vast country with diverse climates in it. You can find deserts, lush jungles and high mountains in Iran. The best time for visiting some of these places and doing specific activities is during summer. Therefore, the belief that Iran is too limited for touristic activities during summer is not true. Usually, western and northeastern regions of Iran have more pleasant weather during summer. Regions such as Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Zanjan, and Kermanshah are cooler than the central and southern areas. Therefore, we recommend “Explore Iran’s western culture” as the best choice for Iran cultural tour in summer. Visiting Qom, Shush, and Isfahan in pleasant weather can be a gracious experience for tourists interested in Iranian culture.

Also, some of the natural attractions of Iran are at their best during summer. Jungle tours in the north such as Alimestan and visiting the Caspian Sea are lovely at this time of the year. They are the most popular natural tourist destination during summer. The cool weather in magnificent jungles of the northern regions attracts many tourists to this place.


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Iran Northern Jungle

 Also, summer is very appropriate for mount climbing activities. It is the best time for conquering peaks such as Damavand mount, Alamkuh, and Sabalan. You can enjoy visiting the cultural attractions near these mountains after climbing them as well. For example, the Sabalan trekking tour is an excellent choice in summer for tourists interested in mountaineering and culture tours.

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Hot Weather in Main Cities

Although summer has many great options for touristic activities, the warm weather can be bothersome in some places. Main touristic cities of Iran such as Tehran, Kashan, and Shiraz might have very high temperatures. But keep in mind that the hot weather in these cities is not too hot. Of course, the lack of humidity in these cities makes dealing with the warm weather much easier. Also, the tourists from countries that generally have cold, cloudy weather might even find this sunny and hot weather appealing. In that case, traveling to these cities might not have any problem at all. But, you should keep in mind that the deserts in Iran can be too hot during the summer. So, if you have any interest in desert tours, we think summer is not the appropriate time for that.

Southern regions and its islands can also be too hot for visiting during the summer. So, if you are planning to attend the islands in the Persian Gulf, we recommend you to avoid it in summer. Iran has pleasant weather during the end of winter and in the spring. Therefore, March and April are a fantastic time for traveling Iran.

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Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf


Finally, Iran has so much to offer to the tourists in summer. But, it mostly depends on the taste of tourists and what they prefer the most. If you want to enjoy having a more comfortable and cheaper trip, then summer is an excellent choice for you. But, some of the specific activities such as skiing and going to the deserts are not available in summer. If you are interested in doing them, then maybe you should wait for the appropriate time.

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