Traveling Iran With Children

Iran-Alibabatrek-Visit Iran-Traveling Iran With Children Iran is safe-travel iran with kids

Traveling Iran With Children (Photo: Zeinab Ramezani)

Traveling to Iran As A Family

Traveling to a new country requires many considerations. Traveling with your child needs even more. As a parent, you will have to make sure about safety, food, and sanitary are available at the destination. So, a wise choice is reading and collecting information about how you can provide them there. Of course, traveling Iran is no exception. The stereotypes about Iran not being safe, and the economic sanctions might worry some of the parents. Following, you can find information about the safety, food, sanitary and of course fun for children in Iran.

Is Iran Safe Enough For My Child?

Traveling to another country with your family can be an exceptional experience. It gets even more extraordinary when you can be sure about the safety of your child. Of course, Iran is an entirely safe country. But, there are always essential safety points you need to have in mind.

  • Always hold the hand of your child:

    One of the essential things, especially in crowded streets, is not letting your child out of your sight. And even more important than that is holding their hands. Because if they get lost, it will be tough for them because they don’t know the language. You can put the number of your cellphone in Iran in your child’s pocket. Also, you can explain to them what they should do in case they get lost. The officers in the streets can be beneficial. Also, if you are in big shops, you can ask the shopkeepers to give you access to the speakers. So, you can call the name of your child and tell him where you are.

  • Crossing the streets:

    One of the most challenging situations in Iran for foreigners in crossing the street. The streets might be too crowded, and drivers might not be careful enough. Therefore, you should use the crosswalks when crossing the streets.

    Tehran-Iran-Alibabatrek-Visit Iran-Traveling Iran With Children Iran is safe-travel iran with kids

Health, Sanitary, and Food

Although the brands of the diapers, powders and the baby formulas might not be familiar, you can easily find them. Usually, you can find them in the pharmacies. Also, the medications and pills are widely accessible in the pharmacies as well. We highly recommend you to bring enough supply of the medicines that your child needs. But, in case your child needs medication during your trip, you can find them in the pharmacies. Also, if an emergency happens, the hospitals are equipped and trustable in Iran.

The hygiene of the restrooms on the roads might be an issue. Most of them have washing liquids for washing your hands. But in case they don’t, make sure that you have a sanitizer with you. Also, another important thing about Iranian toilets is that they usually are squat toilets. So, make sure about teaching your children how they should use them.

Almost all of the restaurants in Iran are very hygienic and trustable. So, there will be no need for worrying about eating at those places. Also, tap water is potable in most of the cities of Iran. You can also find bottles of water in the supermarkets and the kiosks in the streets.

Best Season For Traveling Iran With Children

Iran is one of the few countries which has complete four seasons. The summers are sweltering, and winters can be freezing in Iran. Therefore, to avoid the too hot or cold weather, we recommend spring and fall for traveling with children. But, it still depends on your choice. For example, Some tourists come from countries that do not have snow. Therefore snowing can be an attraction for their children.

Iran-Alibabatrek-Visit Iran-Traveling Iran With Children Iran is safe-travel iran with kids - travel Iran

A juice shop in Tehran

Recreational Places For Kids In Iran

Spending a long time on the road can be very tiring for the children. Playing and having fun is necessary for them. Also, museums might be annoying for them but visiting especial museums for kids, won’t be. Luckily, you can find many places for entertaining your children in Iran. Following, we will mention some of these places.

  • Eram Amusement Park:

    This park is the largest theme park in Iran. It’s on the Tehran-Karaj road and has a lagoon and three amusement parks inside it. It also includes more than 70 play equipment. It is one of the most popular recreational destinations in Iran.

  • Eram Park Zoo:

    This zoo is near Eram amusement park, which means you can visit here after or before going to the amusement park. It has more than 110 species of animals in it. Recently, this park welcomed an Iranian ( Asiatic) lion, which is in danger of extinction. Therefore, visiting this lion can be a once in a lifetime experience.

  • Human Park:

    This park is a theme park helping your children to learn more about the human body and its organs. It is especially suitable for children between 8-12 years old. Also, it has experts in it explaining about the body parts. This park has two coffee shops around it. You can have access to a spectacular view of Tehran from this place. Also, it is near Darabad Museum. Therefore, it will be easy to visit both of the museums.

Iran-Tehran Human Park-Alibabatrek-Visit Iran-Traveling Iran With Children Iran is safe-travel iran with kids - travel Iran

Tehran – Human Park

  • Puppet Museum House:

    This house in the east of Kashan which dates back to the  Qajar era (more than 150 years ago). This house also has some of the oldest toys and dolls dating back to the Qajar era. Therefore, visiting this house can be both amusing for your children and teach them about the history as well.

  • Milad Tower Dolphinarium:

    Milad Tower is the highest tower in Iran and also includes a Dolphinarium. This Dolphinarium is the first non-coastal Dolphinarium in the Middle East. At the moment, there are two dolphins and one sea lion in it. You can watch them performing acrobatics and take photos with them.

Milad Tower Dolphinarium - Iran-Tehran -Alibabatrek-Visit Iran-Traveling Iran With Children Iran is safe-travel iran with kids - travel Iran

Milad Tower Dolphinarium -Tehran

  • Birds Garden:

    This garden in the north-east of Tehran has more than 50 bird species inside it. Also, it includes two parts: The first part is for birds which are in cages or can’t fly. The second part has free birds which can fly in a vast protected area. It can be a unique experience for the children to know more about the birds. Also, it can be interesting for the parents as well.

  • Lilliput Dreamland:

    It’s an amusement park in the east of Tehran in Bagheri highway is for children between 2-12 years old. This amusement park helps children to learn about different jobs such as dentistry, cooking, firefighting, etc. Also, this amusement park has shops and coffee shops for children as well.

  • Reptiles Garden:

    This garden is in the south-west of Isfahan in Habibollahi Highway. It includes more than 40 aquariums with different types of reptiles. It holds various kinds of snakes, Komodo Dragons, Amazon crocodiles, etc.

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