Damavand Hot Water Springs

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Damavand Hot Water Springs

Damavand and the springs!

The highest mountain in Iran is Damavand based in Larijan province. Larijan is 60 kilometers northeast of Tehran and 26 kilometers northeast of Damavand town. Damavand was officially known in UNESCO in 2008.

 Due to the particular geological conditions, there are many hot springs around Damavand with medical features.

Springs have a temperature higher than the average temperature, in addition to a series of salts in them. This water originates from the depths of the earth and brings minerals to the ground with itself.

Larijan village

Larijan is in the south of Mazandaran province. Every part of Larijan has rivers and fountains. Springs are separated in different parts of Iran, but most of them are gathered near Damavand and Zagros. Larijan is famous due to its hot springs.

alibabatrek-Damavand Hot Water Springs -Damavand trekking-iran-blog-Iran-Tour Rineh Larijan Village

Rineh, Larijan Village

Larijan springs

The amount of water coming out from Larijan fountains is 1000 liters/hour, and its temperature is between 60-70 centigrade. The water tastes awful, and it contains hydrogen sulfide.

From Larijan springs we can refer to Ab-e Ask, Larijan spring, and Astarabku.

The spa also has health benefits that are beneficial for skin diseases, old ulcers, rheumatism, respiratory system diseases, and neurological disorders.

alibabatrek-Damavand Hot Water Springs -Damavand trekking-iran-blog-Iran-Tour Almas HotSpring

Almas Shargh Hot Spring Pool

Mountaineering and hot springs

Most of the climbers go to the springs after climbing Damavand to rest and enjoy the boiling water.
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