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Damavand is the first national natural monument in Iran. Also, it’s the highest mountain in Iran, the highest volcano in Asia, and the highest conical mountain in the world.

But what is the exact altitude of this peak? If we want to be a little punctilious, we will doubt Damavand accurate height. Because if we look at pictures and memorials, we will face different numbers.

Damavand in the history

 In 744 BC and the Assyrian era, they knew Damavand by the name, Bikeni. Since then, this mythic mountain has always been sacred for Iranians. In the Avesta, the Torah and many other historical texts,  Damavand name has been written. Williams Jackson, an American in the 19th century in Tehran, writes:

We know Damavand by the name of Havabarze’iti (هوابرزئیتی) from the Avesta. Many of the tourists and prominent people who entered Iran from Qajar afterward have mentioned Damavand and various altitudes for it from 14,000 to 22,000 feet.

You can read more about Damavand and mythology here:
Damavand; The Symbol of Resistance

Elevation of Mount Damavand

According to the National portal of statistics of Iran, the height of Damavand Mountain from the open water level is 5, 610 meters. The National Mapping Organization of Iran in 2006, during a ten-day project, measured the exact height of the summit. They recorded the number 5609 (five thousand six hundred and nine meters and twenty centimeters) for the peak. After that, the reduced number of 5610 meters was the exact height of Damavand in the resources.

In the past, some different altitudes were known for Mount Damavand. Because of that, you may also have heard the altitude of 5670 meters. But it is not the exact height of the peak.

You can read more about Damavand’s crater here:
Damavand Volcanic Crater

Relative height

The relative height of Damavand, which is determined by measuring the height of the peak corresponding to the lowest valley between this summit and the nearest high mountain, is 4,667 meters. This places Damavand in the 12th rank among the highest peaks of the world in terms of relative height.

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