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Yakhar Glacier (NE Side of Damavand)

Damavand’s famous glaciers

  • Yakhchāl-e Sīvaleh
  • Dobisel
  • Glacier of dolls
  • Dare-Yakhar
  • Khurtab-Sar
  • Northwest Glacier
  • West Glacier

Yakhar Glacier (northeast side)

Yakhar glacier (Yakhar valley) might be the most famous glacier in Iran. Its approximate height is 1300 meters and it continues up to the snow roof below the summit. Yakhar is the highest glacier, and its branches with an altitude of 5000 meters from the sea level are the highest in Iran. This glacier has three main branches:

  • The main branch (northern-southern)
  • Eastern branch (eastern-western, it is known as Abbas Jafari branch
  • The southwest-northeast branch, which is between the main & the east branch. It covers the eastern side of Damavand, and it continues to the altitude of 3700 meters and becomes a secluded valley.

Dobisel (northern side)

A narrower strip extends beyond the height of a 4,000-meter-high float up to the summit. Its gradient is very steep, and there are continuous rock floodings. This glacier is on the northern side of the peak, and its approximate specifications are:

An area of 0.7 sq. Km, an area of 4.6 km, a maximum length of 2 km, an average width of 250 meters and maximum height and minimum of sea level of 5000 meters and 3700 meters.

Yakhchāl-e Sīvaleh

The glacier consists of two relatively distinct pieces. It is extensive from the northern and northwest slopes of Damavand to the north tip of the summit. Its slope is very steep and extends from an approximate altitude of 4,100 meters to the summit. In the summer, rock falls on it very much. Its surface has a high porosity and is black in appearance due to the continuous storms of the summit. This refrigerator is on the north of the peak, and its approximate specifications are:

An area of 1.2 square kilometers, an area of 5.2 kilometers, a maximum length of 2.4 kilometers, an average width of 450 meters and maximum height and minimum sea level of 5000 meters and 3700 meters.

Glacier of dolls

These glaciers disperse at altitudes of 4500 to 5100 meters. The range of these glaciers is limited, and the lengths of each of them are approximately 400 to 500 meters in length. Dolls include eight small and massive glaciers.

West Glacier

 These glaciers are scattered from small to large and parallel in various facets of Damavand’s western edge. The largest of them in the north of the Simorgh sanctuary at an altitude of 4300 meters. It continues to the proximity of peaks in the narrow and sloping valleys with the least amount of rockfall. And two smaller fridges next to each other at the height of 4500 to 5000 meters near the northwest edges.

Southeast glacier

This glacier is one of the most demanding, longest, and least extensive Damavand glaciers. It is extending from an approximate height of 4500  meters to the summit. Its average width is between 200 and 300 meters, and its surface appears to be black due to stonefall.


This glacier is in the north face of Damavand. Its approximate specifications are:

An area of 0.5 sq. Km, an area of 3.6 km, a maximum of 1.7 km, an average width of 300 meters and a maximum and a minimum height of sea level of 4800 meters and 3800 meters.

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