Damavand Volcanic Crater

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Mt.Damavand (5671m)

Volcanic crater

Volcanic craters are consequences of some internal volcanic interactions of the earth. The explosion of magma in the form of pressured gas and lava creates lakes on some of these craters. The size and depth of the volcanic craters may be large.

alibabatrek Damavand Volcanic crater Damavan Lava Damavand trekking iran blog -Iran-Tour

Mt.Damavand (5671m)

Damavand volcano

Damavand lava covers an area of about 400 km2. Besides, the newest lava is in the western cone, and there are cones of ash on this domain. Damavand Peak is relatively broad. On the south side and at an altitude of 5100 meters, gases are visible. This place belongs to an old crater, which is surrounded by the present conical summit. On the southeastern side, volcanic mapping takes a broad area.

alibabatrek Damavand Volcanic crater Damavand magma mountain trekking iran blog -Iran-Tour

Mt.Damavand (5671m)

Damavand crater

Damavand is a semi-active volcanic mountain formed mainly during the Quaternary. Its first eruption was about 1/78 million years ago. However, the maximum number of explosions occurred between 600,000 and 280,000 years ago .geologists have an estimated lifetime of this mountain with the carbon-14 method, and it is at least 38,500 years. The presence of several sulfur springs and hot springs is evidence of the half-effect of this volcano. The most significant and most volcanic activity of this mountain occurred about 10,000 years ago, which has led to its formation.

Damavand volcano crater

The crater of the volcano is about 400 meters in diameter. An ice lake has covered The central part of the cavity. On the sidelines, some chimneys make the surrounding land yellow. Apart from the current pit, we can see the evidence of the old crater. One of these old openings is on the south side and at an altitude of 100 meters. It is now the location of the exhaust gases and smoke. On the northern side of Damavand, there is another effect of an old crater of about 9 kilometers in diameter.


Mt.Damavand (5671m)

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