6 Reasons for Skiing in Iran

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Damavand Ski Touring

Why Is Iran An Excellent Choice for Skiing?

Many know Iran for its rich culture and fantastic nature. But, other aspects of Iran such as its skiing resorts are not recognized well enough. Having Alborz mountain range in the north and Zagros mountain range in the west, Iran is a mountainous country. You can find many peaks higher than 3000 meters in these mountain ranges (especially in Alborz). Besides, Iran is a country of four seasons and is appropriate for skiing in most months of the year.

Therefore, Iran is an excellent destination for skiers from all around the world. The ski resorts in Iran are the most qualified ski resorts in the Middle East. Also, the prices of Iran tour packages for skiing can be slightly lower than in other countries. Another important aspect of skiing with Iran tours is the possibility of both ski touring and skiing in the ski resorts. Putting all these together, Iran can be a significant place for skiing comparing to other countries.

Here are some points about Iran skiing:

1)     The Costs of Skiing in Iran

Many think of skiing as a luxurious winter sport. The costs of skiing are not just limited to ticket prices. You probably have to think of hiring ski guides, ski gears, lift chair tickets and, the costs of accommodation as well. The expense of hiring a ski guide in the Alps can be up to 500 Euros per day. On the other hand, the cost for a day of ski touring in Iran can be 100-150 Euros.

The cost of tickets of the biggest ski resort in Iran, Dizin ski resort, is 120000 Tomans (almost 10 USD). Also, the costs of hiring gear are 100000 Tomans, practically equivalent to 8 USD. The prices of accommodation in ski resorts such as Dizin and Shemshak are almost 150000 Tomans (12.5 USD) for private rooms. Besides, those skiing in groups (8-10 people) can stay in chalets which are very cheap (almost 6 USD). Considering the differences in prices, Iran has some of the most affordable ski resorts in the world.

Dizin ski resort alibabatrek why ski in Iran - Iran ski tour - Iran ski resorts - Iran blog

Dizin ski resort

2)     Iran Backcountry Skiing

Besides having qualified ski resorts, many peaks in the central Alborz give the skiers the opportunity of Iran ski touring. Therefore, it is a fantastic opportunity for those seeking new snow and engagements in more attractive activities. Peaks like Damavand, Alamkuh, Gol-e-Zard, Dowbarar and, Dizin are appropriate for such activity. Also, Alamkuh ski tours are very trendy among skiers interested in ski touring. You can rarely find such opportunities of ski touring in mountain ranges such as the Alps. March, April, and May are the best months for ski touring in Iran. Some of the trendiest Iran backcountry skiing mounts are Alamkuh, Damavand, and Zagros mounts.

3)     The Biggest and The Highest Ski Resorts in The Middle East

One of the Tehran ski resorts is Dizin located in the north of this city. This ski resort is the biggest ski resort in the Middle East and the most excellent ski resort in Iran. Also, the World Ski Federation has confirmed this ski resort for holding official tournaments. The height of this piste is 2650- 3600 meters. Besides, it is appropriate for both off-piste and on-piste skiing.

The Tochal ski resort is the highest ski resort in the Middle East. The height of this ski resort in almost 3850 meters. For getting up, you will need to take two telecabins that takes around 45 minutes in total. The distance between the seventh and fifth stations of this ski resort is almost 5500 meters. In addition, Tochal is usable for skiing for eight months per year.

Tochal ski resort alibabatrek why ski in Iran - Iran ski tour - Iran ski resorts - Iran blog

Tochal ski resort

4)     Risks of Skiing in Iran Comparing to the Alps

One of the most significant points about skiing in Iran is the safety of it. There is no probability for the occurrence of an avalanche in the peaks of Iran such as Damavand peak. Mainly, because skiing is mostly done in the springs, there won’t be any risk of powder snow avalanches. Because at that time of the year the snows are very rigid and very appropriate for skiing. Also, the low slope of these mountains makes skiing on them much more manageable. Besides, there are no ice slots in these peaks. Therefore, the skiers will not need to do any technical climbing or using ropes and ice axes. All these points make the mountains of Iran a safe destination for the skiers comparing to the Alps.

Damavand Ski touring alibabatrek why ski in Iran - Iran ski tour - Iran ski resorts - Iran blog

Damavand Ski Touring

5)     The Best Peaks for Acclimatization

Many of the tourists traveling Iran want to conquer the Damavand summit. You can rarely find peaks as high as mount Damavand in the central Alps. Fortunately, this 5000-meter peak has a low degree of difficulty. But still, conquering such a high peak is not possible without acclimatization. For climbing this tall beauty, you will need to make yourself ready for a few days before climbing it. Luckily, there are 4000-meter peaks that give the skiers the chance of adjusting their bodies with height. Some of the best peaks for acclimatization are Sichal, Kolun Bastak, and Dowbarar. Acclimatizing on these mountains, you can surely have a much more convenient and joyful experience during your Damavand ski tour.

Mount Damavand Ski touring alibabatrek why ski in Iran - Iran ski tour - Iran ski resorts - Iran blogs

Damavand Ski Touring

6)     The Destination between the Base Stations and The Peaks

What makes the experience of mountaineering in Iran unique is the short time you will need for climbing high peaks. As we mentioned before, Iran has mountains higher than 4000 meters in the central Alborz. In these mountains, the base stations (villages) for skiing are located at a high point of the peak. Therefore, it only takes the skiers a short time, like 5-6 hours to get to the height of 4000 meters. The skiers can come back to the base station for having a rest or taking a shower at nights. Then, they can climb the peak again next day. It can be a fantastic opportunity for them to spend 3-4 days in that area and explore different paths and valleys. Mountains such as Shirband, Sahand, and Darbandsar, are among the mountains with the highest base stations in the world.

Mount Damavand Ski touring alibabatrek why ski in Iran - Iran ski tour - Iran ski resorts - Iran blog

Damavand Ski Touring

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