Persian food tour

Persian food tour is an introduction to so-called poetry on a plate

Persian food tour


One of the exciting pleasures of traveling is to taste new flavors. You meet a new country, new people and taste their traditional foods and cuisines. Actually, you get to connect better through sharing a meal. You enjoy the food. But what if you miss it? We think it’s more enjoyable that you be able to cook the food in your kitchen, home. Therefore, Persian food tour is suggested. Persian one-day cooking tour helps you taste Iranian cuisines anytime and anywhere you want.

Since Tehran is the destination for most Iran tours, Persian food tour is held in Tehran. However, if you like taking Persian cooking tour in other cities, inform us. For example, Rasht, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, and Kashan are other cities available.

Tehran Day Tour At a Glance

  • Tajrish bazaar
  • Kitchen

What we are going to do on Iran food tour


Persian food tour starts at 8:30 in the morning. Your guide is waiting for you in the hotel lobby to take you to the kitchen. After a chat, we will head to Tajrish Bazaar. We explore fruits and vegetable section. Then, we will buy basic ingredients for cooking. Tajrish Bazaar is an old, kind of miniature model of Tehran Grand Bazaar. It is also vibrant and live when you walk through it.

After that, we’ll get back to the kitchen. And it’s time to put your apron up and start cooking. We have four local cooking recipes to follow. So, in Persian food tour, you not only get to cook your own lunch but a traditional Persian lunch. Don’t expect to be a professional chef in a few hours of training. However, enjoy the Persian cuisine creating a dazzling mosaic of scents, textures, and colors at the dining table. You learn the basic conventional contents of Persian culinary. Also, you learn how to mix them to make delectable Iranian dishes. We provide a friendly, warm atmosphere for you to enjoy cooking as well as feasting with your group. Once the food is ready we taste our own cuisine. Persian food tour ends with a memorable chat alongside drinking Iranian tea and sweets. Then, we’ll head back to the hotel.

Services you get in Persian cooking


  • Breakfast at Tajrish Bazaar
  • Introduction to Persian local culinary ingredients: flavorings, spices, pickles, and vegetables
  • Shopping basic ingredients from Tajrish Bazaar (expenses are on the tour)
  • Written recipes of dishes you make in class
  • Transportation from the Kitchen to Tajrish square and reverse
  • Teaching how to cook two Persian main dishes (Mirzaghasemi and Tahchin) and two desserts (Sholezard and window sweets)
  • Eating your cooked cuisines for lunch
  • Drinking Persian tea with sweets you made in the kitchen


  • We have chosen dishes with basic ingredients available in any country. But if you like to learn a specific food just inform us.
  • Tell us if you need non-English guides
  • Make sure to let us know if you are vegetarian or allergic to any food

1 Day

Persian food tour

99 €

  • Flexible dates for private tours (Group/Solo)
  • Volume discount for groups more than 4 pax.
  • Surcharge applies for solo travelers
  • Valid 4 seasons
  • Age Requirement: +16
  • Physical Rating : 1 out of 5
  • Join in: Hotel / Your place in Tehran
  • Drop-off: Hotel / Your place in Tehran
  • Duration: 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Max altitude: -
  • Breakfast
  • Your cooked cuisines for lunch
  • Persian tea with sweets you made in the kitchen
  • All transfers by private Air-co Cars
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