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Damavand Cloud Cap

In this picture, you can see the beauty of Damavand Peak with its cloud cap. How do you think these beautiful clouds appear on the top of high peaks? Damavand from the International Space Station / French Astronaut This mountain has a cloudy hat in Iran! Astronauts present at the International Space Station continually cross […]

Damavand Volcanic Crater

Volcanic crater Volcanic craters are consequences of some internal volcanic interactions of the earth. The explosion of magma in the form of pressured gas and lava creates lakes on some of these craters. The size and depth of the volcanic craters may be large. Damavand volcano Damavand lava covers an area of about 400 km2. […]

Why Choose Iran Private Small Group Tours?

Choosing between the fixed date departure tours and private tour might be a bit difficult for tourists. Alibabatrek offers both fix date departure tours and private tours. But which one is the best choice for you? We will consider the perks and cons of both fix date departure tours and private tours below. We hope […]

Damavand flora and fauna

Iran’s wildlife Iran is a country of four seasons. Due to the specific geographical location of Iran, its placement between the two seas and its particular topography, you can find unique species of plants and animals in Iran. Flora of Iran  Iran’s vegetation diversity is so vast that it is unique in other Middle East […]

The Pros and Cons of Traveling Iran in Summer

  Many people would doubt traveling in summer because they fear too hot and humid weathers. They believe they cannot tolerate visiting another country in the summer. But, should we travel to another country in the summer? Well, it’s not an easy decision to make without having enough information. Going to other countries during summer […]