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Breathtaking sceneries and monuments of northern regions in Iran northern railway trip

Iran one-day train tour


Alibabatrek offers one day tours from Tehran to other regions as well as Tehran day tours. The north of Iran train tour starts in Tehran. We will be going to Savadkuh and come back to Tehran again in one day.

There is no doubt that Tehran-Gorgan railway is one of the most beautiful railways ever. Iran northern railway trip takes you to this railway’s meandrous path passing through Alborz mountain range and on the bridges. This path has about 1500 bridges and runnels. The greatest and the most famous bridge is called “Veresk” bridge which you will see in this Iranian train tour. Also, there are three parallel bridges in this path which are called “Se Khate Tala”. This railway has 95 tunnels. Twenty-seven kilometers of its path passes through the tunnels. “Gadook” tunnel with 2887 meters length at its highest point, is one of the longest tunnels of the Iranian railways.

The first phase of this path was built in 1927 between Sari and Bandar Torkaman. Reza Shah ordered building this railway. Thereafter, twenty-seven other bridges were built over the time. The various and beautiful sceneries of it, have turned this path into one of the tourism destinations. Also, trains are delightful transportation vehicles. Therefore, tripping by a train could be the destination of a trip itself!

Iran Train Tour at a Glance

In our Iran train tour, we will be going from Tehran to Pol Sefid. Seeing Garmsar desert and its unique desert mountains are also included. So this Iran one day tour could be known as an Iran desert tour as well. After passing by Hableh Rood, we will pay a visit to a Bon Kooh station. Bon Kooh station is the first station built in this railway. During this Iran train tour, we will be visiting the most famous railway engineering structures like Veresk bridge and Se Khat Tala. In Veresk station we will get off the train, enjoy the spectacular view and take some pictures. In Savadkooh we will have a light walking by the railways. On our way back in our Iran train tour, we will watch the sunset in one of the stations. Then, we will start returning to Tehran after having an evening meal.

Iran one-day train tour At a Glance

  • Veresk, The Bridge of Victory
  • The Spectacular Se Khat Tala

Iran one-day train tour Itinerary


Iran northern railway trip which is one of our Iran tour packages begins in the morning. This is a day trip from Tehran. Therefore, for enjoying the beautiful sceneries on our way, we have planned to use the daylight. At 6 a.m. your tour guide will be waiting for you at the hotel lobby. The train will leave the station at 7:30. We also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner in or private train on this Iran train tour. The route starts in Tehran railway station and goes to Garmsar. Tripping with bus trains takes almost 7 hours.

After arriving at Garmsar, our trip will be towards the north and we will pass by Hable Rood river. Also, Espahbod Khorshid cave is one of the other Iran tourist attractions. The crater of this cave is completely visible from the train. Thereafter passing the Gadook station, the northern side of Alborz mountains will become visible. This side of Alborz mountains is verdurous, full of trees, rivers, and springs. The distance between Firoozkooh and Veresk is probably the most beautiful part of our Iran train tour. So, if you would like to see exciting landscapes, do not move from behind the windows!

The Spectacular Se Khat Tala

At this point, we will reach the famous” Se Khat Tala” . No one knows who chose this name for Se Khat Tala (three golden lines). The railways between Veresk and Gadook, go around the mountain and are above each other. They look like three parallel lines from afar. In this part of the Iran train tour, you will be seeing one of the most amazing bridge engineering structures.

Veresk, The Bridge of Victory

After passing from Se Khat Tala, we will arrive at Veresk station. This station owes its fame to the well-known Veresk bridge. German and Austrian engineers built this bridge with primal equipment on the Veresk Valley in Savadkuh county in Pahlavi era. They guaranteed the bridge for 70 years. Its arch span is 66 meters and has a height of 110 meters from the bottom of the valley. During the first world war, it was known as “The Bridge of Victory”. For more than 70 years that Tehran-North trains are passing through this bridge. The bridge was nationally registered in 1977. Also, Guinness book recognized it as one of the bridges with more than 61 meters in height.

Having A Stop at Savadkuh County Station

After Veresk, our Iran train tour enters Savadkuh county. The jungles and vegetation tend to be denser in this area. After we pass Do Aab beautiful bridge, we will arrive in Savadkuh station. The Kongelo castle in a village with the same name is on a hill near this station. In Savadkuh we will get off the train. At that time, we will have dinner and take some photos. After that, we will start returning to Tehran. Meanwhile, we can also watch the sunset.

At about 10;30 p.m. we will arrive in Tehran. Finally, at the end of this Iran one day tour, you will be transferred to your hotel.

Iran one-day train tour Services


  • Transfer by the private trian (Rail bus)
  • Breakfast, two snacks and Lunch
  • An Expert English-speaking tour guide

Iran one-day train tour Map


1 Day

Iran Train Tour

105 €

  • Flexible dates for private tours (Group/Solo)
  • Volume discount for groups more than 4 pax.
  • Surcharge applies for solo travelers
  • Valid 4 seasons
  • Age Requirement: +16
  • Physical Rating : 1 out of 5
  • Join in: Hotel / Your place in Tehran
  • Drop-off: Hotel / Your place in Tehran
  • Duration: 6:00 AM - 10:30 PM
  • Max altitude: -
  • 1 Breakfast
  • 1 Lunch
  • 2 Snacks
  • Transfer by the private trian (Rail bus)
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