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You are visiting Tehran but you do not have time to explore the whole city? Tehran day tour is your choice. You will get to see a skim of the magical city in Tehran sightseeing tour. Tehran is the cultural, political, and economic capital of Iran. It is accordingly the most important city in Iran. Tehran has 15 million population. This number increases to 17 at the working time. The largest international airport in Iran is located in Tehran suburb. Hence, most tourists taking Iran tours visit Tehran first.

Tehran Day Tour At a Glance

  • Golestan Palace
  • Grand Bazaar
  • ‌National Jewelry Museum
  • Tabiat bridge

Tehran Day Tour Itinerary


8:30 AM, get up! You are in Tehran

Our tour guide is waiting for you in your hotel lobby at 8:30 sharp. Firstly, we will visit Golestan Palace on your Tehran day tour. It is located downtown. This royal complex includes marvelous buildings, unique walls, and beautiful gardens. According to history, this palace belongs to Qajar dynasty 450 years ago. Although it has changed through time, this complex was registered as a World Heritage Center in UNESCO in 2013.

Secondly, after visiting this outstanding complex of art and history, we will head to Grand Bazaar. We can make good deals there. Meanwhile, we will see the hectic life of people through labyrinthine corridors and passes there. Tehran Grand Bazaar has always been the beating heart of the city. Therefore, it has seen and experienced many important days in Iran history.

1:30 PM, Its lunch time!

We will go to a traditional restaurant at Grand Bazaar on your Tehran day tour at noon. So we will have Iranian traditional meals and cuisines. They have a worldwide reputation to be healthy and delicious. Then, Lunchtime proceeds with a walk and excursion in Bazaar. We will buy souvenirs alongside with window-shopping.

After that, we will visit ‌the National Jewelry Museum of Iran. It is a place one should visit on every Persia tour. We will see collections of royal jewelry from different eras of Iranian history. For example treasures of Qajar, Safavid, Afsharid and Pahlavi dynasties. The Darya-i-Nur diamond is one of the most famous treasures kept in this museum. It is a 182-carat diamond, representing the largest pink diamond in the world.

Finally, we will go to Tabiat Bridge. It is located in Abo-Atash park. It is a combination of modernity and natural sights. Also, it is a representative of Tehran parks to compensate for the pollution of the metropolitan. This bridge is one of the 10 symbols of Tehran as soon as construction. Sightseeing the magnificent Tehran from the view of this bridge is an enjoyable plan on Tehran day tour.

After that, we will take photographs and dine dinner at a restaurant. Then we will get back to the hotel. This is the end of one day Tehran sightseeing tour.

Tehran Day Tour Trip Services


  • All transfers by private Air-co Cars
  • Entrance fees for the mentioned monuments
  • An expert English-speaking tour guide

Tehran Day Tour Map


1 Day

Tehran Day Tour

85 €

  • Flexible dates for private tours (Group/Solo)
  • Volume discount for groups more than 4 pax.
  • Surcharge applies for solo travelers
  • Valid 4 seasons
  • Age Requirement: +16
  • Physical Rating : 1 out of 5
  • Join in: Hotel / Your place in Tehran
  • Drop-off: Hotel / Your place in Tehran
  • Duration: 8:30 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Max altitude: -
  • No meals included
  • All transfers by private Air-co Cars
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