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Classic Persia Tour & Iran Cultural Tour

Persia Travel


During your Persia travel, you will explore Iran’s rich history and amazing culture visiting the most famous historical cities of Persia in 11 days of Persia Tour. This package fits those who seek to have a unique experience of Iran’s culture and history. Our guides are handpicked locals who know the cities well, are friendly, and have experience in what they do. They will help you with everything during your Persia tour.

Attending this classic cultural Persia Tour you will enjoy sightseeing in TehranKashanIsfahanYazd, Persepolis and Shiraz. You will also explore different cultures and local experiences with accompaniment of Alibabatrek’s expert local guides.

Persia Travel at a Glance

1st Day: Arrival at Tehran

2nd Day: Tehran sightseeing

3rd Day: Drive to Kashan, sightseeing

4th Day: Kashan sightseeing, drive to Isfahan

5th Day: Isfahan sightseeing

6th Day: Isfahan sightseeing

7th Day: Drive to Yazd, sightseeing

8th Day: Yazd sightseeing, drive to Shiraz

9th Day: Shiraz sightseeing

10th Day: Shiraz sightseeing, flight to Tehran

11th Day: Tehran and departure

Persia Travel Detailed Itinerary


1st Day       Tehran

Arrival to Tehran; You will be welcomed by our agents at the Imam Khomeini International Airport, transferred to the hotel, overnight Tehran at the hotel.

  • Accommodation: Hotel (3 stars) in Tehran
  • Meals included: Dinner

2nd Day       Tehran

Tehran sightseeing; After having breakfast at the hotel, at 9:00 we go to visit Golestan Palace (Qajar’s house), then we head to visit traditional Tehran Bazaar and also we have lunch at one of the finest restaurants in Bazaar, then we go for Abgineh Museum of glass art, among the nicest museum in Tehran, next we go to walk on the Nature Bridge, a modern pedestrian bridge which connects the 2 main parks in the city center, have dinner, overnight Tehran in the hotel.

  • Accommodation: Hotel (3 stars) in Tehran
  • Meals includedBreakfast 

3rd Day      Kashan

Kashan sightseeing; Today we start driving to Kashan early in the morning at 6:00 for about 3 hours, on the way we have breakfast, Kashan has so many traditional houses worthy to visit, we go directly to visit Abbasi house, then we go for Mozaffari house and have lunch inside the house, some rest we head to visit Tabatabaei House, you can enjoy the great Islamic Iranian architecture in these houses, then we go to visit Fin Garden, the oldest extant garden in Iran, it contains Kashan’s Fin Bath, we have dinner at a cozy restaurant around the Garden, overnight Kashan in the hotel.

  • Accommodation: Hotel (3 stars) in Kashan
  • Meals includedBreakfast 

4th Day       Kashan / Isfahan / Maranjab Desert

Kashan sightseeing, drive to Isfahan; On your fourth days of Persia Tour, after having breakfast at the hotel at 9:00 we drive to the Maranjab Desert for about 1 hour, we have 3 hours for sightseeing, photography and also walking on the soft sand hills in the desert, we go for lunch at noon, after some rest we start driving to Isfahan at 14:00 for about 4 hours, have dinner at a restaurant, overnight Isfahan in the hotel.

  • Accommodation: Hotel (3 stars) in Isfahan
  • Meals includedBreakfast 

5th Day       Isfahan

Today we visit the beautiful historical sites of the city as many as we can! Of the fifth day of the Persia Tou, after having breakfast in the hotel we go to visit Naghsh-e Jahan Square, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites includes Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque, Imam Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace and so on, then we have lunch and get some rest, after that we go to visit Chehel Sotoun (means 40 columns in Persian), a pavilion in the middle of a park at the far end of a long pool, next we go to visit Si-o-se-Pol Bridge (means the bridge of 33 spans), one of the 11 bridges in the city and the longest of them with the length about 300 meters, then we go for dinner and visit Khaju Bridge described as the finest bridge in the province. Overnight Isfahan in the hotel.

  • Accommodation: Hotel (3 stars) in Isfahan
  • Meals included: Breakfast 

6th Day       Isfahan     

After having breakfast at the hotel, by 9:00 we go to walk around Isfahan Grand Bazaar nicknamed as Gheysarieh Bazaar that you can find so many handicrafts and artworks inside, we go to visit Jame’ Mosque located at the end of the Bazaar, then we have lunch, after that we’ll go to Jolfa known for its being the neighborhood inhabited by the Armenian Christian minority of Isfahan, visit the Vank Cathedral, at 18:00 we get back to the hotel and you have sometimes to spend it on your own, then we have dinner at a nice restaurant by 21:00, overnight Isfahan in the hotel.

  • Accommodation: Hotel (3 stars) in Isfahan
  • Meals includedBreakfast 

7th Day       Yazd   

Drive to Yazd and sightseeing; After having breakfast at the hotel, by 9:00 we start driving to Yazd for about 4 hours, we head to the hotel, then we go to have lunch at a restaurant, we go to visit Fahadan (a traditional hotel and also a great museum), next is coffee break at a traditional coffee shop named Art Coffee Shop having a great view of sunset, then we go to visit Jameh Mosque of Yazd by the special time of praying, then we go to visit Zoorkhaneh (the traditional gym for wrestling) having an impressive atmosphere and live show of athletes, after that we have dinner at a restaurant. We will finish 7th days of the Persia Tour  overnight Yazd at the hotel.

  • Accommodation: Hotel (3 stars) in Yazd
  • Meals includedBreakfast 

8th Day       Yazd / Shiraz

Yazd sightseeing, drive to Shiraz; After having breakfast at the hotel, by 8:00 we go to visit Zoroastrian Fire Temple known as Yazd Atash Behram and also Yazd Atashkadeh among the most beautiful Fire Temple in Iran, then we go to spend some time in Sharbatsara (juice house) to talk about the Temple, next we go to walk around Yazd Grand Traditional Bazaar, we have lunch at a cozy restaurant next to Bazaar by noon, then by 14:00 we start driving to Shiraz for about 5-6 hours, we have dinner at a restaurant, overnight Shiraz at the hotel.

  • Accommodation: Hotel (3 stars) in Shiraz
  • Meals included: Breakfast 

9th Day       Shiraz

Shiraz sightseeing; After having breakfast at the hotel, by 9:00 we go to visit Vakil Complex built during Zand period including Vakil Mosque, traditional Bazaar, and traditional Bath, then we go to visit Nasirolmolk Mosque also known as the Pink Mosque, we have lunch then by noon and also some rest, then we go to visit Tomb of Saadi also known as Saadieh and Tomb of Hafez also known as Hafezieh  having a brilliant agnostic atmosphere, after that we go to visit Qur’an Gate and also have dinner around it, overnight Shiraz in a hotel.

  • Accommodation: Hotel (3 stars) in Shiraz
  • Meals included: Breakfast 

10th Day       Shiraz / Tehran

Shiraz sightseeing, flight to Tehran; After having breakfast at the hotel, by 8:00 we drive for 1 hour and a half to visit Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire also known as Takht-e Jamshid one of the most ancient cities in the world which dates back to 2500 years ago, then we have lunch at noon, after that we go to visit Pasargad, we visit the tomb of Cyrus The Great and palaces of the greatest king of Persia ever, then we drive to the airport in the evening to fly to Tehran, overnight Tehran in the hotel.

  • Accommodation: Hotel (3 stars) in Tehran
  • Meals included: Breakfast

11th Day       Tehran

Tehran and departure; This is the final day of the Persia Tour. Depending on your flight time we will plan this day.

  • Accommodation: –
  • Meals included: Breakfast

Persia Travel Services & Inclusions


  • All transfers by private Air-co Cars
  • Domestic flight from Shiraz to Tehran
  • All accommodations at hotels (3 or 4 star)
  • Breakfast included
  • Entrance fees for the monuments
  • An expert tour guide
  • Travel insurance

Persia Travel Trip Map


Persia Travel Price List

Date Price / person Request
Dec. 2018 1549Request Booking
Jan. 2019 1549Request Booking
Feb. 2019 1629Request Booking
Mar. 2019 1699Request Booking
Apr. 2019 1629Request Booking
May 2019 1699Request Booking
Jun. 2019 1699Request Booking
Jul. 2019 1699Request Booking
Aug. 2019 1629Request Booking
Sept. 2019 1629Request Booking
Oct. 2019 1629Request Booking
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Dec. 2019 1549Request Booking

Persia Travel FAQ


  • Which cities will I visit during my Persia Tour?

Here’s the list of the cities you will be attending during your Persia travel: Tehran, Kashan, Maranjab Desert, Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz. You will see highlights of these cities during your Persia Tour. 

  • Can I change the itinerary of Persia tour or is it fixed?

This package is Iran’s essentials. What we have offered is the most efficient and best-planned itinerary. We have experience around Iran and we know what makes our guests happy during their Persia travel. However, we try to appeal to all tastes so we have other Iran cultural tours as well. You can read about our alternate Iran cultural tours in their respective pages; such as Iran western region tour as well as Khuzestan and Shushtar exploration Persia tour. Ultimately, you can customize your own trip completely; so feel free to contact us if you want free advice on your Persia travel plans. 

  • Is Persia Travel’s day-to-day planning fixed? Or can I change it based on my interests?

This is the most optimized plan for Persia Tour essentials; however, you can change the itinerary based on your interests and preferences. You can change the details of your plan the way you see fit. Just make sure to contact us beforehand so that we can properly arrange everything for your Persia Travel plans.   

  • Can I make my Persia Tour shorter?

Yes, definitely. You can customize your own trip using its page. However, we have a shorter and more optimized version of this Iran cultural tour. This Persia travel is carried out in only 5 days.

  • Who will join me in my Persia Travel?

You will be accompanied by a local Persia tour guide. Our tour guides, who are hand-picked locals, will provide you with the most authentic experience of cultural Iran. If you care for a real experience, then join us on this Persia travel. Your urban experience in Iran will not be a normal one; we will try to show you the depth of Iran.

  • Which seasons is a good time to go on a Persia Tour?

Iran is a huge and diverse country. This leads having 4 full seasons and travelers flocking to Iran in all seasons. Contact us to get more weather information about your desired date.

  • Are all meals included in this Persia travel?

No, just all breakfasts. However, our local guides will recommend you the best local restaurants, providing you with the most authentic food so you can have the best gustatory experience during your Persia tour.  

  • Can I join a group Persia tour? Or do I have to go solo?

Often, but not always, we have another group departure going on a Persia Tour. Your Persia travel plans can merge into another’s, if we have another tour on your requested date. If you wish, it is also possible to book a private tour with us. For more information regarding the departure dates of other Persia travel groups, contact us.

  • Are transportation vehicles fixed in this Persia tour? Or can I change it?

You can change them if there are your desire type of transportation available. But, to better customize your Persia travel plans, we recommend that you contact us so that we can fix them beforehand.

  • Can I add a ‘nature’ tour to my cultural Persia travel?

It is possible to add other tours to your already existing Persia tour. For example, a few recommended tours are the Damavand tour, the Mountain and Monument tour, Hormuz & Qeshm, and Kashan Desert Tour. You can also customize your own trip.

Read the detailed itinerary to get more information about this Persia travel.

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    The Tabi'at Bridge (Nature Bridge), the largest pedestrian overpass built in Tehran, will visit in Persia Tour
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Classic Persia Tour; Iran Sightseeing

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  • Age Requirement: +16
  • Group Size : Min 2 - Max 10
  • Physical Rating : 1 out of 5
  • Join in: IKA (Tehran) - End in: IKA (Tehran)
  • Max altitude: -
  • 10 nights at hotel (twin/double)
  • 10 Breakfasts
  • 1 Dinner
  • Private car from/to mentioned destinations
  • Flight from Shiraz to Tehran
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